UV ultraviolet detection technology solutions for multiple running effect

by:Tepro     2020-05-02
technology is the use of special design of high strength, high efficiency and long life of C band 254 nm uv light generator produces strong uv light flow, make all sorts of bacteria, pathogens in the water damage to DNA and RNA in tissue structure and lose activity, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Ultraviolet germicidal uv lamp irradiance value determination method to introduce 1, determination of test method of ultraviolet irradiation meter method: open the ultraviolet ray after 5 minutes, will determine the wavelength of 253. 7 nm ultraviolet irradiation meter probe in the centre of the vertical distance from one metre under the lamp, after instrument is stable, the data is shown by the irradiance value for the uv lamp. Ultraviolet irradiation intensity indicator CARDS monitoring method: open the lamp after 5 minutes, will indicate card vertical distance from one metre under uv light, patterned side up after irradiation for 1 minute, then observe the color of the indicator card color piece, comparing with the standard color piece, it records irradiation intensity. 2, the result judgement: ordinary ZhiGuanXing new lamp irradiation intensity should be greater than or equal to 90 & mu; W/cm2 for unqualified, in use ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity & ge; 70μ W/cm2 for qualified, 30 w high intensity of new uv lamp irradiation intensity & ge; 180μ W/cm2 for qualified. 3, note: to determine the voltage should be at 250 v & plusmn; 5 v, the temperature around 20 ℃ to 25 ℃, relative humidity above 60%, uv irradiation gauge must be used in the metrology department checks the validity of indicator card should obtain health permits, approval documents and used in the period of validity. 1 uv light sterilizer technology advantage, equipment installation and maintenance is convenient, safe and reliable operation, in addition to the regularly or according to the need to replace the uv lamp, there is little technical operation, can realize automatic control, simple management; 2, ultraviolet radiation sterilization mechanism in the process of operation, do not need to add any chemicals, not any toxic substances or residual in water, purely physical process; 3, the inorganic basic no destructive effect on ultraviolet ray, so contact tank using ordinary concrete structure, unlike chlorine fungicides to touch the demand is so high; 4, bacteria, virus and other pathogenic microorganisms in c-band under uv light, only in 6 seconds to produce physical and chemical reaction can make its fatal damage of DNA, to achieve the purpose of sterilization. So you need to contact time is shorter, the whole disinfection facilities, covers an area of small; 5, UV uv light sterilizer principle is to destroy the pathogen DNA, so strong ability of killing virus, namely the general disinfection effect is significant. Don't need to add any chemical auxiliary agent, in the process does not produce secondary pollution, will not cause damage to the environment, should be used more industry.
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