Uv technology comprehensive application in water treatment

by:Tepro     2020-06-26
Uv technology mainly use 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet light. The wavelength of ultraviolet light, even in trace amounts of ultraviolet projection doses, also can destroy the life of a cell core & ndash; — DNA, therefore prevent cell regeneration, the loss of regenerative capacity make it harmless bacteria, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization. Like all other uv technology, the system depends on the size of the intensity of the ultraviolet radiation ( The strength and power of the lamp) And the contact time ( With air or water, liquid, the duration of exposure to ultraviolet light) 。 Parsing of uv technology in water treatment to eliminate in the industrial production of ozone, ozone is often used for disinfection and purifying water body. But, as a result of ozone has strong oxidation ability, the remaining ozone in water if not removed can be possible, to influence the next process, therefore, usually the ozone treated water before entering the main technological process must be in water to remove residual ozone. 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet light to destroy the residual ozone is very effective, it can put the ozone decomposition into oxygen. Although the size of the different systems need is different, but generally speaking, a typical ozone uv radiation dose necessary to eliminate the system is a traditional sterilization disinfection system about three times. Water treatment special uv germicidal lamp to reduce total organic carbon in many high technology and laboratory equipment, organic matter could interfere with the production of high purity water. There are many ways to get rid of organic matter from water, the commonly used methods include the use of activated carbon and the reverse osmosis. Shorter wavelength of ultraviolet ( 185 nm) Also can effectively reduce the amount of total organic carbon ( Value is the radiator also produces a 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet light, and therefore can be disinfected at the same time) 。 Shorter wavelength of ultraviolet ray has more energy, so can break down organic matter. Ultraviolet (uv) oxidation of organic reaction process is very complex, its main principle is through the free hydroxide with strong oxidation ability, the oxidation of organic matter into water and carbon dioxide. Surface and air disinfection with uv and ozone removal systems for air disinfection and ultraviolet (uv) used for water disinfection has a long history. Air disinfection equipment for hospitals, clinics and purification has adapted to the room. Now, factories, offices and homes that are beginning to use air disinfection equipment. The principle of air disinfection and water and sanitation. Usually, the lamp can be installed in the air line, located in the front end of the coil, or installed in the shelf fixed to the wall. When air passes through, the microbes were killed in the air and become harmless. The principle of surface disinfection and so on. In the food and beverage industry, products on the conveyor belt is composed of surface disinfection disinfection equipment. Disinfection of cooling tower in order to reduce the cost of the biocide ( Purchase, storage, insurance) And chemical treatment to health hazards, ultraviolet system can be installed in the cooling tower water circulation system in order to have the effect of sterilization. If and filters were used, ultraviolet ray can effectively control the growth of microorganisms in the cooling tower. Although the cooling tower, still need to keep certain biocide concentration in the application of ultraviolet radiation can be greatly reduced its usage. Above is for the development and application of uv technology in the industry made a brief summary of basic.
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