Uv technology advantage is analysed and the effect of sterilization

by:Tepro     2020-04-18
process is in modern medicine, light dynamics and epidemic prevention, on the principle of the use of special design of long life, high strength and high efficiency of UVC band ultraviolet irradiation, the water quality in a variety of microorganisms, bacteria, virus, parasite, directly kill algae and other pathogens, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Ultraviolet (uv) technology with its own unique advantages and is widely used in various industries. Uv technology advantages and sterilization effect of ultraviolet lamp is suitable for the indoor air and on the surface of the object and sterilization of water and other liquids. Ultraviolet lamp to kill pathogenic microorganisms, cut off the spread of infectious pathogenic pathways, disrupt the spread of disease, so as to safeguard people's health. Through the special technology of preparation of uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp, can be used for sterilization, the sterilization principle of the uv - C wave ultraviolet ray, around 254 nm uv sterilization effect is best. Propagule ultraviolet rays can kill all kinds of microbes, including bacteria, spores, mycobacterium, viruses, fungi, mycoplasma and rickettsial, broad-spectrum resistance. disinfector its working principle is through the ultraviolet irradiation on the bacteria, viruses and other microbes, to damage the DNA in body structure, undermine its regeneration killed virus. The ozone in the air or dissolved in the water, the microbial cell walls to oxidation damage, the microbial death immediately. Uv sterilizer lampmicroorganisms for processing by the wavelength of light irradiation effect obviously got a lot of food and are widely used in the field of industry. Currently using ultraviolet sterilization technology is introduced into the field of sterilization, daily life in the interior of daily life, home, car, refrigerator sterilizer and industrial sterilizer is adopt high-frequency c-band ultraviolet ray, for a variety of microorganisms within 1 minute of DNA damage, can kill more than 98% of the bacteria and pathogens. Uv ultraviolet sterilization in use process need to guarantee the light wavelength of the radiation intensity, otherwise it will lead to poor bactericidal effect, ultraviolet radiation intensity need to use uv light meter to test.
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