Uv sterilizer lamp basic technical requirements

by:Tepro     2020-03-23
Water treatment uv germicidal lamp lamp 1 basic technical requirements. Uv sterilizer lamplamp design should comply with the GB 8988 'grid power supply of household and similar general purpose electronic and security requirements of related equipment requirements; 2. Should be stipulated in the technology management program approved drawings and technical documents; 3. The same type of sterilizer parts shall ensure that its interchangeability; 4. Should do by ultraviolet irradiation surface polishing treatment; 5. Working pressure of the pressure cylinder should not be less than zero. 60 mpa, test pressure shall not be less than zero. 90MPa; 6. Simplified or enclosure should be setup guide plate; 7. Straight shape quartz uv low pressure mercury lamp and lamp installation requirements shall comply with YY/T0160 the straight pipe form the low-pressure mercury quartz ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp '; 8. When have higher requirements to the environment, appropriate priority choose low ozone tube, in order to reduce ozone pollution to the environment. 9. On the surface of the tube arrangement shall be made by the ultraviolet radiation intensity of ultraviolet uniform distribution; 10. Should be equipped with indicating lamp lighting, lighting the cumulative time indicates the relative instructions or uv irradiation intensity; 11. Quartz glass tube and the water separated from the tubes, quartz tube, 253. 7 mm uv transmittance should be greater than 85%; 12. Selection of low voltage apparatus shall comply with the technical requirements of corresponding product; 13. The top purple should have in and out of the sampling pipe, drain pipe, tube. In the sterilizer inconvenience when lowered drain pipe, also can be in in with sterilizer connection piping installation; 14. The specification and the inlet and outlet pipe diameter of the sterilizer should be on table to choose; 15. Purple according to the test requirements of this standard, equipped with new tube disinfector products, measured ultraviolet irradiation dose should not be less than 12000 micro; WS/cm。 ( Should water filling) , the normal work of disinfector measured ultraviolet irradiation dose is not less than 9000 micro WS/cm; 16. According to the conditions of use of this international standard, working under rated disinfection of water, the water of bacteriology indicators should meet GB5749 'drinking water health standards' requirement; 17. The materials shall comply with GB/T17219 ShuPeiShui equipment and protective materials for domestic and drinking water safety evaluation standard 'requirements. Sterilizer should use 304; 18. Work under rated disinfection of water head loss should be less than 0. 005MPa。 Ultraviolet sterilization principle of treated water inlet into the over current cavity, ultraviolet (uv) light waves of water with a cavitation, mixing, cracking, oxidation, pushing flow, sterilization, alga killing effect, achieve the secondary sterilization and degradation of organic matter, the cause of local shock wave can make water is processed to produce turbulent flow phenomenon, make water and ultraviolet light more fully homogeneous contact, to achieve more efficient sterilization effect; At the same time, combining with the wavelength of 254 nm uv light waves strong ultraviolet C ( UVC) Light flow, realize further broad-spectrum sterilization, water is able to achieve sterilization effect in a very short period of time. Uv sterilizer lampapplication environment requirement: iron content: less than 0. 3ppm( 0. 3mg/L) Hydrogen sulphide: not more than 0. 05 ppm( 0. 05 mg/L) Suspended solids: no more than 10 PPM ( 10 mg/L) Manganese content: not more than 0. 5 ppm( 0. 5 mg/L) Water hardness: no more than 120 mg/L color: no more than 15 degrees: water temperature 5 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ the ultraviolet ray disinfector applications water-recovery disinfection; Aquaculture processing water disinfection; District secondary water disinfection; Food and beverage industry water disinfection; Municipal sewage treatment disinfection; The city landscape water disinfection; Tap water, pure water, mineral water plant water disinfection; Family small drinking water disinfection; Water facilities ( The swimming pool, etc. ) Water disinfection; Large scale poultry and livestock water disinfection.
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