Uv sterilizer installation operation matters needing attention

by:Tepro     2020-03-26
Uv sterilizer, widely used in water treatment has the very high values, it is through the ultraviolet light irradiation, damage and changes of microbial DNA ( Deoxyribonucleic acid) Structure, make the bacteria died instantly or cannot reproduce, achieve the purpose of sterilization. Really have antiseptic effect is UVC ultraviolet ray, because C band ultraviolet ray is very easy be absorbed by the DNA of the organism, especially in 253. The ultraviolet ray best about 7 nm. Uv sterilizer belong to pure physical disinfection method, with simple and convenient, broad spectrum efficiency, no secondary pollution, easy to management and the advantages of automation, with all kinds of new design of uv lamp, uv sterilization application scope is expanding constantly. One, the key points of construction and installation: 1. Difficult to install the device on close to the water pump outlet pipe, prevent water hammer occur when the pump is stopped, so as to damage the quartz glass tube and tube. Note: 【 Water hammer is when all of a sudden power failure or fast valve is closed, as a result of the pressure flow inertia, produce water shock wave, just like a hammer, so called water hammer. 2. Should be installed in the direction in and out of the gate. 3. Should be the basis of above the building ground, there are 30 basis points above ground - 50cm( Large sterilizer) , there is no basis set stents ( Small disinfector) 。 4. Sterilizer and its connected pipes and valves should be firmly fixed, shall not make uv disinfector bear the weight of the pipe and accessories. 5. Uv sterilizer lampshould be installed so as to facilitate disassembly repair and maintenance, all joints shall not be used affect water quality health materials. 6. When installing should have either side & ge; 1. 0 m space distance. 7. Not use disinfection equipment such as long time, please placed in dry, rain. ( Advice: each time the device powered up running for a period of time, to prevent the parts and the lamp life decay) Second, the use and maintenance methods: 1. Sterilizer at work, please do not direct uv lamp is in the eyes. 2. If take the vertical installation, use low water high water installations, to slow the flow speed, increase effect of ultraviolet irradiation. 3. In an open position to switch repeatedly will seriously affect the service life of the bulb. 4. If the flow velocity of fast, please add current limiting and pressure limiting device. 5. When water pressure more than 3 kg, please on outlet check valve, in order to protect the quartz sleeve. 6. And often closed connect using electromagnetic valve, please install the solenoid valve in the inlet. 7. If the raw water turbidity beyond 5 degrees should be equipped with pre filter, in order to guarantee the ultraviolet sterilization effect. 8. Uv sterilizer lampsterilization lamp use every two to three months, please remove the quartz sleeve, examine the surface fouling phenomenon, in order to determine the next clean surface of quartz tube.
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