Uv sterilizer has gradually become the ideal equipment

by:Tepro     2020-03-23
Uv disinfector USES the world leading level high strength odourless ultraviolet germicidal lamp, simplified wall through special processing of food grade 304 stainless steel, make after pretreatment of wavelength 253 when water flows through a cylinder. 7 mm enough exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, has good sterilization effect, because he does not change the physical, chemical properties of water, so in drinking water, food, beverage, chemical industry, electronics, medicine, sewage, water is indispensable to the ideal equipment. Uv sterilizer lamphas the following advantages: 1, high efficient sterilization: use ultraviolet disinfection of bacteria, viruses, usually in one to two seconds to reach 99% 99. The sterilization rate of 9%. 2, high efficient sterilization broad spectrum: ultraviolet sterilization of high spectrum, it for almost all of the bacteria, viruses can efficiently kill. 3, no secondary pollution, ultraviolet radiation sterilization not join any chemicals, so it will not cause secondary pollution in the water body and the surrounding environment, do not change the water any ingredients. 4, safe operation and reliable: traditional disinfection technologies such as the use of chloride or ozone, the disinfectant itself is belongs to the highly toxic, flammable substances, there is no such security hidden danger and ultraviolet disinfection system. 5, the and operation maintenance cost is low, ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment covers an area of small, simple structure requirement, so the total investment is less, in the aspect of operation cost is low, the one thousand tons of water processing level, it costs only 1/2 of chlorine disinfection. Ultraviolet sterilization principle of treated water inlet into the over current cavity, ultraviolet (uv) light waves of water with a cavitation, mixing, cracking, oxidation, pushing flow, sterilization, alga killing effect, the implementation of the secondary sterilization and the degradation of organic matter. Uv sterilizer construction and installation key points: 1. Not easy to install in close to the water pump outlet pipe, prevent water hammer pump is going to damage the quartz glass tube and tube. 2. Shall be installed in strict accordance with the direction of in and out of the water. 3. Should be above the ground, the foundation of the construction above ground should not be less than 100 mm. 4. Uv sterilizer lampand its connected pipes and valves should be firmly fixed, shall not make ultraviolet generator bear the weight of the pipe and accessories. 5. Installation should be easy to remove the overhaul and maintenance, all joints shall not be used affect water quality health materials.
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