Uv sterilizer equipment maintenance

by:Tepro     2020-03-22
More fully use of ultraviolet energy, energy saving effect. According to this structure make disinfector, and carries on the experimental study of artificial dye the bacteria in water. Experiment shows that the structure of disinfector on uv energy utilization ratio is about 2 times in this paper, we used to compare commercial sterilizer, which indicates that the structure of the sterilizer is energy saving effect. Uv sterilizer equipment maintenance and maintenance ( 1) Regular inspection, to ensure the normal operation of the uv lamp. ( 2) Ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp 9000 hours of continuous use or after a year, should replace the uv lamp, in order to ensure high sterilization rate. Please pay special attention to ultraviolet (uv) should be continued in the open state, because of repeated, will seriously affect the lifespan of the tubes. ( 3) Replace the uv lamp, lamp power socket pulled out first, out of the uv lamp. Replace a new bulb, pay attention not to fingers touch the new quartz glass tube, because the stain will affect germicidal light, at the same time carefully put tubes in stainless steel within the sterilizer. ( 4) If the water hardness ( Calcium or magnesium) Material, iron and manganese, the quartz tube needs regular cleaning. Quartz tube cleaning on special plastic gloves should be worn after the quartz tube carefully into reaction apparatus, complete the sealing ring to check without slack phenomenon, plugged in, make sure the test lamp stable. Note: uv has strong power to the bacteria, also has certain harm to human body, so at any time, not with the eyes look light up the lamp, in order to avoid injury, must want to see, the application of common glass ( Wear glasses) Or transparent plastic film, as a protective mask. Do not wrong with quartz glass, because the common glass almost entirely to ultraviolet ray can't through. Once injured, don't panic, facial burns, exfoliation after a few days, don't. Injury will be red, watery eyes, stabbing pain, about three or four days to recover. However, a hurt, still suggest visits to a doctor immediately. Construction, installation points of uv sterilizer 1) Uv sterilizer equipment to install in close to the water pump outlet pipe, prevent to stop pumping water hammer damage quartz glass tube and tube in the uv sterilizer. 2) Uv sterilizer should be installed in strict accordance with the direction of in and out of the water. 3) Uv sterilizer should be higher than the ground, the basis of construction higher ground should not be less than 100 mm. 4) Uv sterilizer equipment and piping and valves should be firmly fixed, shall not make ultraviolet generator bear the weight of the pipe and accessories. 5) Uv sterilizer its equipment installation should be easy to remove the repair and maintenance, all joints shall not be used affect water quality health materials.
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