Uv sterilizer daily matters needing attention

by:Tepro     2020-03-26
As people living standard rise, is increasingly pursuit on the quality of life, people are waiting in your spare time to relax and swimming pool has become an important place, people and water quality safety as the hottest topic. Uv sterilizer lampcomponent of uv lamp contains a small amount of mercury: embedded in free state within the tube or pipe surface. When applying electric current to the lamp electrode, electronic flow between them, and make the mercury evaporate, when by electron bombardment, mercury will launch ultraviolet light. The exact wavelength emission depends on the tube itself in vacuum pressure, generally has the branch of medium voltage and low voltage. Uv sterilizer lamphave different specifications and types. General small sterilizer can be used for family use water dispensers, and activated carbon technology used in combination, to ensure the safety of your family's water. Uv sterilizer can be used in the disinfection of water supply of village overall, or bottled drinking water disinfection treatment such as water, tap water factory. Uv sterilizer lampdaily note 1, the normal operation of the process, can't look straight tubes. Cannot stop by directly unplug the power switch devices work, lest cause electric shock. 2, the power cord do not knot, stretching, pressure heavy, high temperature heating, otherwise it will cause damage of power supply. 3, do not open the distribution box, in case of electric shock. 4, don't use other hard hitting, punching equipment cavity.
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