Uv sterilizer and ozone sterilization technology in water treatment what's the difference?

by:Tepro     2020-04-21
Water of ultraviolet irradiation sterilization is not new to join any impurity content in the water, nor any chemical change in the treated water, but in a very short time memory complete sterilization process within the equipment. Therefore, ultraviolet radiation sterilization method most used clean production water sterilization. In microbial control of instrument factory water, related to the products quality deterioration, and corruption have general bacteria of the genus bacillus bacteria strains, wild yeast and filamentous fungi, etc. Water treatment in the difference between the and ozone sterilization technology of ozone sterilization mechanism of sterilization and sterilization features: new ecological oxygen generation of oxygen and ozone decomposition. This kind of new ecological oxygen in cell wall and cell membrane, such as bacteria and viruses reaction in lipids ( Lipid matter compound) The double bond. In this role, the cell membrane was damaged, and enzymes are destroyed, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization. For bacterial spores, bacillus with the concentration of 0. 3 - 0. 5 mg/l of ozone sterilization agent can achieve sterilization effect. Lactic acid bacteria resistance to ozone is very weak. According to reports, the initial bacterium number 2. 3 - 5. 6× 109 / ml by ozone treatment second, bacteria most of the dead. Smelly bactericidal effect of oxygen, by different microbial species have very big difference, this is because of the difference of the cell or cell membrane of moving. Treated with ozone bud bacillus of the genus bacterial spores and yeast, need a long time, but, if the increase of ozone concentration can make the appropriate reaction time shortened. In the process of actual use, can be determined according to species of ozone concentration and the selected contact reaction time. By drinking water standard for ozone sterilization, timeliness for 5 - contact reaction 8 minutes, the ozone generator outlet of ozone concentration is 0. More than 4 mg/l ( The injection rate of 2 - 3mg/) , in most instances to the above conditions for operation and management goals. If within the same system, the ozone injection rate is increased to 5 mg/l, according to the experimental results, through the processing of water, in general, bacteria cannot survive. Uv sterilizer lampirradiation sterilization method of wavelength 200 - mechanism and processing characteristics 290 mm ultraviolet ray, can through the membrane of bacteria or viruses to control the phenomenon of genetic and biological function of nucleic acid ( DNA) Damage, making it lose the ability to reproduce, so as to achieve purpose of sterilization. Nuclear acid ( DNA) For wavelength 250 - 260 mm uv, tends to have a particularly easy to absorb. This is why the wavelength of uv light sterilizer ability of the strongest reason. According to the required amount of ultraviolet radiation to kill microorganisms to bacteria treatment, without any change in the water, in a very short period of time for a flash sterilization, the effect is good. Moreover, such processing is completed in the straight pipe of the flow-through. In the uv light sterilizer, sterilization force to relative to the size of the amount of uv radiation mw when dealing with water. s/cm 2( Ultraviolet irradiation intensity [ mw/cm 2 × Time] ) To represent. The size of the amount of uv rays shooting has correlation with the size of the sterilization rate. A variety of microbial sensitivity to ultraviolet ray, due to the difference of strain and there are differences. According to bacillus genus ( 芽孢杆菌) For the object ( B. subtlis) The factory test results show that in exposure D = 10 mw. S/cm 2, sterilization rate of up to 99. 5%. Therefore, the design of the actual device exposure of D10 & times; 4, namely 50 mw. S/cm 2 above.
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