Uv LED flashlight can disinfect?

by:Tepro     2020-07-23
Uv LED flashlight can disinfect?

in the face of the outbreak of the wuhan new coronavirus, many people anxious, consulting the uv flashlight can disinfect? American road Yang technical engineers to tell you, can't disinfection uv LED flashlight! The uv flashlight on the market is 365 nm uv, belong to the uva rays, which can is 254 nm short-wave ultraviolet disinfection lamps, if your hands are uv flashlight, don't try to disinfection, is not a little effect. So what kind of uv light disinfection?

if the uv lamp of choose and buy?

if you want to family or ward disinfected, please be sure to purchase 254 nm shortwave ultraviolet lamp, 254 nm short-wave ultraviolet lamp tubes is the most obvious characteristics is transparent glass, light is pale blue light after, remember that short wave ultraviolet ray has harm to the skin and eyes, operation is not direct illuminate skin, professional uv protection to wear glasses. Recommended to choose the LUYOR - 1316 portable short-wave ultraviolet lamp.

why families choose portable ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamp?

operator can handheld portable uv lamp quickly on the floors, walls, chairs and other surface close to the surface quickly disinfection, close irradiation can kill viruses and bacteria, immediately without waiting for a long time, the irradiation light up a room to another room.

ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamp to illuminate how long can reach the effect?

different bacteria and viruses need different time, you can refer to the following form data:

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