UV lamp installation requirements

by:Tepro     2021-04-21
The installation of ultraviolet lamps requires that the uv lamp is economical, convenient, and reliable in disinfection effect. It is recommended to be used in schools for air disinfection when dealing with the epidemic in the current epidemic situation. What are the requirements for the installation of ultraviolet lamps? There are three common ultraviolet disinfection lamps devices: ultraviolet lamp car, hoisting ultraviolet lamp, and mobile single-tube uv lamp. 1. Ultraviolet lamp tube installation height The ultraviolet lamp tube used for air disinfection can be directly irradiated and disinfected by hanging or mobile. The lamp hoisting height is 1.8m~2.2m from the ground. The reason why it is required to be 1.8m~2.2m away from the ground is to consider that the breathing zone of ordinary people is in this area. Secondly, it is convenient to wipe and clean the surface of the lamp without affecting personnel activities. Second, the number of installed ultraviolet lamps The number of installed ultraviolet lamps is an average of ≥1.5W/ m³, that is to say, the number of lamps is related to the room size (volume), which can be calculated by the formula. Install a 19W ultraviolet lamp, the calculation formula is: room area × house height × 1.5 ÷ 19 install 30W ultraviolet lamp, the calculation formula is: room area × house height × 1.5 ÷ 30 install 40W ultraviolet lamp, the calculation formula is: room area ×House height×1.5÷40 3. Precautions The number of ultraviolet lamps installed is an average of ≥1.5W/ m³, and we take 1.5W into the formula for calculation, so the calculation results are all incremented and rounded. When installing and using mobile UV lamps, attention should also be paid to the uniform distribution of the distance between the lamps, so that the ultraviolet radiation intensity in the room can be evenly distributed during disinfection. Remember: the above three types of ultraviolet disinfection lamps devices can only be used in unmanned conditions. Therefore, the switch of the lamp should be within the controllable range of the operator, or there should be eye-catching warning signs, to avoid accidental opening and cause burns, especially in school classrooms! UV disinfection devices only need to be properly installed and standardized Management and safe use can achieve the ideal disinfection effect.
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