Uv lamp application in purification treatment pond water quality

by:Tepro     2020-03-09
In aquaculture, purifying water quality, inhibit the excessive breeding of microorganism in water, control the ammonia nitrogen content in the water, keep the water clear, for the healthy growth of the fish and other aquatic products play an important role. Nowadays the aquaculture for water disinfection methods are mainly divided into two categories - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Chemical disinfection method and physical disinfection method. Chemical disinfection method is mainly by adding the disinfectant (into the water Such as add chlorine preparation, etc. ) In order to achieve disinfection effect; Physical disinfection law mainly C wave ultraviolet disinfection method. Chemical disinfection method usually toxic by-products residual, long-term use of bigger influence on the water quality. And ultraviolet disinfection, as a physical sterilization method, without any adverse residual, and equipment use, rapid sterilization process, low cost, simple maintenance, have been widely used in aquaculture. We know that the cells of the organism in 240 - 270 nm uv strong absorption. Absorb the ultraviolet energy will effect on the cell's DNA, rapidly cause fracture or dislocation of DNA base pairs, which quickly kill these cells or make it lose the capacity to split, a sterilizing effectiveness. But the c-band ultraviolet lamp, its a characteristic spectrum ( 254海里) Just in this range, so for the pathogenic bacteria, viruses, algae in the water, and parasitic ovum has good killing effect. 254 nm uv light of killing bacteria, viruses, parasitic ovum process is very fast and efficient. In the premise of enough doses, a process that usually only takes a few seconds. And it is purely physical sterilization process, without any side residues. And, of killing bacteria, viruses and parasitic ovum can significantly reduce the incidence of fish diseases. So ultraviolet sterilization purification of aquaculture water, fish disease prevention and control provides a safe and effective treatment method. At the same time to the inhibition of algae, 254 nm uv light not only makes the water more clear. And restrain excessive consumption of dissolved oxygen in water, the algae that can maintain adequate oxygen dissolved in the water, fish and other aquatic animals eat more active, grow better. Today the ultraviolet germicidal lamp in applied in aquaculture industry mainly include the integration of the diving immersion ultraviolet germicidal lamp and over current uv sterilizer. The core components of uv lamp life can be 8000 - 10000 hours, can well meet the system requirements for low maintenance workload and the economical efficiency of using. Integration of the submersible ultraviolet germicidal lamp is to integrate the ultraviolet lamp, electronic ballast is within a quartz tube, and use waterproof sealant head to form a closed space isolation. Only when the use of tube overall submerged in the water, use, just by turning on the power supply is very convenient, usually applies to handles places with small amount of water. But its use should be avoided when ultraviolet irradiation directly to the fish, or other breeding, also should avoid ultraviolet irradiation directly to the human body, so as not to cause harm. Over current uv sterilizer use PVC or stainless steel material, building into a closed tube cavity, and evenly arranged in the cavity on the uv lamp. Water flow from one end of the cavity at the other end of the process, is one of the uv lamp sterilization purification. Over current ultraviolet sterilizing apparatus are dealing with large flow, the sterilization effect is good, no ultraviolet leakage risk, etc, are usually applied to handles flow larger application. To sum up, the c-band ultraviolet lamp in aquaculture water body purification can exert significant effect, its main characteristics are as follows: 1, through its 254 nm uv directly kill the bacteria, virus, parasite eggs in the water, guarantee the health of fish; 2, inhibit the excessive growth of algae, make the water clear, and increase the oxygen content in the water; 3, ultraviolet sterilization is a kind of pure physical sterilization method, without any side material residues, very environmental protection, safe and reliable.
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