Uv irradiance and uv energy conversion?

by:Tepro     2020-06-30

many students read literature written by ultraviolet lamp irradiation energy unit is mJ/cm2, but refer to illustrations of the uv light does not provide specific ultraviolet lamp output energy, can only check the manual annotation of ultraviolet irradiance value is how many mw/cm2. Don't know how two specific conversion, now to answer questions as follows: energy ( mJ/cm2) Equal intensity ( mw/cm2) Multiplied by time

1 mw/cm2 X 1 s = 1 mj/cm2 ( One milliwatt / 1 square cm X 1 second = 1 mm focal/cm2)

UV energy unit conversion formula is as follows: energy units: joule ( J) Intensity of energy units: J/m2, mJ/cm2, the light energy 1 joule per unit area ( J) (= 1 n/m = 1 watt W) Per second ( S) 1J/cm² = 1000mJ/ cm² = 1000000uJ/ cm²

1J/m² = 1000mJ/ m²= 1000000uJ/m²

1J/m² = 0. 1 mj/cm squared

uv intensity units:

1 w/m squared = 10 after squared = 106 uw mW/m/m squared

1 w/m squared = 1000 mW / 10000 cm squared = 0. 1 mw/cm squared = 100 uW/cm squared

international ultraviolet association website is:

most of the scientists and engineers engaged in uv business units will be 'mJ/cm2 (' Millijoule per square centimeter) Or 'J/m2 (' The joule per square meter) Used for uv dose ( The correct term is 'flux') 。 In addition to north American use 'mJ/cm2' ( 1 mJ / cm2 = 10 J / m2。 Outside North America, most parts of the world outside North America are using units (' J/m2' Used to be called 'mW - s / cm2”( Per square centimeter milliwatts seconds) Is equal to 'mJ/cm2,' because 'Ws' and 'J' ( The joule) The same, please note that 1000 milliwatts microwatt = 1.

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