Uv flashlight ‍ for coating pinhole detection

by:Tepro     2020-07-13

uv can serve as a kind of low cost, rapid method to detect the pinhole. Contains ultraviolet fluorescence additives of the primer coating. When the uv lamp shining on the coating did not cover the bottom coating area fluoresce, to determine the location of the pinhole.

uv flashlight is used for coating the surface of the pinhole fluoroscopy

flashlight type ultraviolet lamp by the battery power, and in a solid aluminum frame, provides a fast, low-cost way to check on the pinhole. Uv flashlight with a 5 w, 365 nm ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (leds), uv lamp adopts special diffuse lens design, can be a smooth image (light beam No stripes, or hot spots) And surface treatment centers in the United States approved safety glasses, can improve the contrast, can provide a better visual integrity and reliability of the examination. The lamp can detect primer paint on the pinhole. Add uv reflection fluorescence agent to the primer and coating on the need of anticorrosion materials. Check the fluorescent paint, please find instructions pinhole black or grey area. Check the fluorescent paint, please look for markers, these markers indicating paint have pinhole ( From the primer) gives fully in 。

coating pinhole and the porosity testing method of premature corrosion coating pinhole and the porosity test base is usually caused by coating was damaged. A major cause of coating damage is covered by coating has some cracks. These cracks are collectively referred to as the pore, the main types are: the vertical flow; Sag: coating in gravity low walk, left a thin layer of dry coating. Concave collapse: coating surface after the bubble burst caused without coating back to fill the gap. Pit type: illiquid damp or coating matrix, and the gaps. Pinhole: stranded after the bubble burst from the surface, or in the coating particles ( Dust, sand, etc. ) Fall off after. If too thick coating: coating is too thick coating, the internal stress of cured coatings will cause cracking. Coating: no coating area, or coating from the substrate or run out of the corners of weld area. Inadequate rough surface on the coating also can make the outline of the peak point exposure.

coating pinhole of conventional detection methods:

wet sponge technology suitable for detecting the conductive substrate 500 microns ( 20mils) Within the insulation coating, wet sponge technology is suitable for the powder coating of don't want to be destroyed and thinner coating inspection. Wet the sponge and low voltage. Sponge coating on mobile, when encountered defects, liquid infiltration substrate, forming a complete circuit, causing the alarm. Uv pinhole detection uv detection can be used as coating pinhole method of low cost and quick. Coated with a layer of coating the basis of the ultraviolet fluorescence additive. When ultraviolet light coating, see based coating without fluorescence coverage of the area, is the pinhole is in place. High pressure technology - Electric spark detector pore or high-pressure technology, can be used to detect 7. 5毫米( 300毫升) Within the thickness of the coating, suitable for the test tube and other protective coating. This method can also test the coating on concrete. High voltage dc power supply to the probe. When the probe through the cracks, the contact point which sparks, sounded the alarm. This technology is applicable to locate the various types of cracks, on the thin coating need to be careful operation.
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