Uv disinfector using information

by:Tepro     2020-03-27
Now many companies will use uv disinfector for sterilization, so there are many problems in the process of using uv sterilizer is to be conscious, everybody know? Only by understanding the uv sterilizer matters needing attention in the use process, to make it play a bigger effect, for our better service! 1, uv sterilizer forbidden frequently, especially in a short period of time, to ensure that the uv lamp life. 2, regular cleaning: uv sterilizer according to the situation of water quality, uv lamp and quartz glass tube need regular cleaning, wipe with alcohol cotton ball or gauze with test tubes, remove dirt rub-up, quartz glass tube is so as not to affect the uv transmittance, bactericidal effect and influence. 3, replacement lamp, lamp power socket pulled out first, drawn tubes, then insert the new lamp carefully wipe the sterilizer, with good sealing ring, check whether leakage phenomenon, then plugged in. Note not with fingers touch the new lamp quartz glass, otherwise it will stain effect of sterilization effect. 4, prevent ultraviolet (uv) radiation, ultraviolet ray has strong power to the bacteria, also has certain harm to human body, and start disinfection lamp, should avoid direct exposure to the human body, can use safety glasses when necessary, shall not directly use eyes to light source, so as not to burn eye film. Also need to mention is that ultraviolet disinfection of drinking water treatment sterilizer has strong power to the bacteria, also has certain harm to human body, the most vulnerable parts of the body is the eye of the cornea, so at any time, not with the eyes look straight line uv sterilizer light up the lamp, in order to avoid injury, one thousand must be to look at the light of uv sterilizer, application of common glass ( Wear glasses) Or transparent plastic film, as a protective mask. Because do not wrong with quartz glass, ordinary glass glass almost entirely to ultraviolet ray can't through. Once injured, don't panic, facial burns, exfoliation after a few days, don't. Injury will be red, watery eyes, stabbing pain, about three or four days to recover. However, a uv rays, suggest that visits to the doctor immediately.
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germicidal lamp can be applied in different ways as uv disinfection lamp.
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