Uv disinfection system configuration of the equipment

by:Tepro     2020-06-24
Various reactor in the tube spacing should be in accordance with the power of radiation dose, tube and the maintenance requirement. Tube spacing shoulds not be too close, avoid environmental temperature is too high and affect the luminous efficiency. Uv disinfection system configuration of the equipment In water treatment, the actual water flow is always changing. Therefore shall, according to the possible range of the flow, USES the automatic control device control according to the volume of traffic flow of energy radiation treatment. Avoid to produce radiation disinfection treatment, not enough or make tube overheating due to lack of traffic situations. If not adding the disinfectant separately, then been ultraviolet disinfection of water in the pipeline residence time shoulds not be more than 3 ~ 5 h. Designing Uv disinfection system shall ensure that the corresponding data or considering recycling measures, etc. From the Angle of the water treatment process in consideration, ultraviolet disinfection link most commonly in the last stage of the purification process. In order to avoid produced by microbial after ultraviolet radiation light reactivation and proliferation and after ultraviolet disinfection equipment to water delivery way should be opaque material. Uv disinfection system in the first run and before restart after shutdown for a long time, chemical disinfectant on the system should be adopted a thorough disinfection of equipment and pipes. Uv disinfection system of power supply equipment to consider each radiating element module power supply data display, accident alarm, work total time display and control switch, just when the power supply voltage fluctuation range is more than 5%, can consider to use voltage regulator or voltage stabilizer. Unstable voltage will affect the lamp life, low voltage will affect the luminous power, the influence of sterilization effect ( Usually around 10% of low-pressure lamp power supply voltage fluctuations, tube sterilization ability about changes between 15% ~ 20%) 。 Considering the lamp power supply safety standards are usually the same as the water supply system of power supply standard, should consider to standby power and leakage, electric shock protection, etc. Less terminal disinfection for water with uv processing device, can consider to use hydraulic starting power supply automatically opening and closing system, in order to achieve energy saving, but want to consider the power frequently affect the working life of the bulb. Often set before the actual reactor to adapt to the stress wave current limiting device, and install the ultraviolet detector to detect radiation intensity, when the device is more management inconvenience and reactor should be configured to automatically shut off the flow of operating mechanism according to the signal, in order to ensure the safety of water supply. Conditional engineering should try to realize automatic operation.
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