Use ultraviolet germicidal uv lamp

by:Tepro     2020-04-22
After decades of development, the uv light sterilizer technology already quite mature. In domestic water, medical water, industrial water, production water video processing field, or uv sterilizer can be seen everywhere. For a lot of people know something about the effect of uv sterilizer, however, should learn how to correct use and maintenance. Water treatment uv germicidal lamp selection need to notice: 1, the design of the sterilizer should comply with the GB 8988 'grid power supply for household and similar general purpose electronic and security requirements of related equipment requirements; 2, uv sterilizer under uv irradiation side should need ahead of time polishing processing; 3, sterilizer should be stipulated in the technology management program approved drawings and technical documents; 4, for the same type or the same type of sterilizer parts shall guarantee that the interchangeability, lest cause unnecessary consequences; The case 5, barrel or need to set up the guide plate; The top 6, sterilizer should have in and out of the sampling pipe, drain pipe, tube. In the sterilizer inconvenience when lowered drain pipe, also can be in in with sterilizer connection piping installation; 7, sterilizer should be equipped with indicating lamp lighting, lighting the accumulative time indicates the relative instructions or uv irradiation intensity; 8, working pressure of the pressure cylinder should not be less than zero. 60 mpa, test pressure shall not be less than zero. 90MPa; 9, straight tube quartz uv low pressure mercury lamp and lamp installation requirements shall comply with YY/T0160 the straight pipe form the low-pressure mercury quartz ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp '; 10, quartz glass tube and the water separated from the tubes, 253. 7 mm uv transmittance should be greater than 85%, low voltage apparatus sterilizer is chosen in accordance with the relevant product technical requirements; 11, tube arrangement should be made by the ultraviolet light intensity distribution on the surface of the ultraviolet irradiation uniformity; 12, when have higher requirements to the environment, should give priority to choose low ozone tube, in order to reduce ozone pollution to the environment. As one of the most commonly used sterilization equipment, uv sterilizer is getting more and more widely applied. Due to the factors influencing the effect of ultraviolet disinfection sterilizer is more, so must be more careful in the selection and use. More than 12 choose to note about uv sterilizer were collected from the working experience and network, hope to be helpful to the readers.
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