Use ultraviolet disinfection lamp matters needing attention

by:Tepro     2020-03-14
At present, the domestic use of ultraviolet disinfection lamps and lanterns with high radiation intensity, greater distances disinfection sterilization effect. When used, must be in the condition of no use, avoid to the naked eye and skin for a long time exposure. Ultraviolet radiation light meter can monitor radiation intensity of ultraviolet lamp. To avoid ultraviolet harm to human body, first of all, should avoid direct sunlight summer noon, between 11 am to 3 PM should try to avoid outdoor activities, go out should use sunscreen to protect skin to taste, sun hat, sunglasses, umbrella protective equipment, etc. Second, some should be based on individual case, step by step, start time is shorter, prolonged sun exposure, gradually to gradually enhance the tolerance to the light, but it is best not to last more than 2 hours, 9 to 1 in the morning and choose l am or 4 to 6 PM. For people who have a passion for sunbathing, simple prevention measures is also extremely important, especially must pay attention to protect good eye. Medical researchers confirmed that sunshine increases the risk of eye cataracts, much sun 1 hour of every day the sun, the probability of cataracts was increased by 10% in a year. Daily sunscreen is also very important, should choose according to their skin and use a good sunscreen, and updated once every 2 to 3 years. In the use of ultraviolet lamp irradiation antivirus, it shall prohibit the presence of someone in order to avoid the direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays to eyes and skin injuries. Ultraviolet (uv) light penetrability, straight lines, there are three big sterilization blind area: 1, can only give objects, Food) Sterilization on the surface, can't give the object surface sterilization; 2, object of multiple overlapping, cannot overlap to object surface sterilization; 3, can only give the object surface sterilization, sterilization can not give object interior! That is to say, ultraviolet ( Not visible) Where no light can't be sterilization effect. As a result of above characteristic, sterilizing lamp only kill bacteria inside the ceiling. Occasionally some uv vent external radiation, greatly reduce the risk, so harmful to the human body than direct illuminate is much smaller.
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