Use sterilization lamp should pay attention to what issues?

by:Tepro     2020-07-21
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp including the hot cathode ultraviolet ray lamp, cold cathode uv lamp, mercury lamp. To shape can be divided into straight pipe, H type, U type pipe, etc. There are high and low on power. In order to meet the demands of different, can divide again low ozone ( No ozone) , such as ozone, high three. Currently used ultraviolet disinfection lamps sterilization lamp, the most common problem is that the lamp of strength as the recession has not been paid great attention in the consumer, think, as long as the light will have sterilization ability. For good or bad, the advantages and disadvantages of the tubes, with the concept of general use fluorescent lamp to evaluate, with the strength of the visual its visible light, and freeness of visible light to determine whether good or bad. This way, easy to be misunderstood, and will not have sterilizing ability of continue to use the tubes, of course, will not be thoroughly items of disinfection sterilization, mistaken for completed disinfection sterilization, and to use them. Thus leading to the result of infection, poisoning, disease, and can't find the cause of disease, not be penny wise and pound foolish. The stand or fall of what tube how to judge? How to use? The following key can refer to:

1. According to the standard guide disinfection sterilization technology, each kind of microorganism has its specific uv to kill, death dose standard

2. Uv lamp is made by quartz glass tube, the relationship with different purposes, because of cost is also useful to replace high boron glass tube, the characteristics and effects are quite differences. With natural crystal as raw material to manufacture pure quartz tube, with high borax as the raw material of high borax glass tube, the effect differs a lot, not only the price a few times, so should be subject to the use a place for different choice. Pure quartz tube the uv transmittance of> 80%, high borax glass tube of ultraviolet penetration rate was < 50%. Whether according to the above data, unless to disinfect completely, as the important factor that the service life of the priorities for equipment, should consider using quartz glass tube made of uv lamp.

3。 Ultraviolet penetration, high in the image, any piece of paper, lead glass, plastic will sharply reduce the radiation intensity. And so the lamp on the dust, grease will directly affect the ability to penetrate. So the new tube before use, apply to touch with 75% alcohol gauze wipe, remove oily be soiled, hand sweat and dust. Use of the light tube, quartz tube should be wiped clean on a regular basis, so as not to affect the penetration rate and exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

4。 Ultraviolet (uv) light has strong power to the bacteria, also has certain harm to human body, the most vulnerable parts of the body is the eye of the cornea, so at any time, not with the eyes look light up the lamp, in order to avoid injury, one thousand must see, the application of common glass ( Wear glasses) Or pervious to light plastic, as a protective mask. Do not wrong with quartz glass, because the common glass almost entirely to ultraviolet ray can't through. Facial injuries after a few days exfoliation without medicine. Injury will be red, watery eyes, stabbing pain, about three or four days to recover. However, a hurt, still suggest visits to a doctor immediately.

5。 Use the unit or installation manufacturer should do regular irradiation intensity test, found insufficient strength of tubes should be replaced immediately.

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