Use sterilization lamp is to pay attention to what

by:Tepro     2020-07-22

is everywhere in our life environment can see the shadow of the germicidal lamp, for example in a public place, canteens, hotels and so on all have its existence. Germicidal lamp is actually can use ultraviolet disinfection lamps sterilization principle made, when it is working, we ultraviolet rays are invisible to the naked eye, it's the light can let bacteria die immediately and will not be able to continue to reproduction.

but as if exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays are will cause harm to human body, so everyone in the use of the sterilization lamp paid special attention to some things. Are working on it, don't use eyes to look straight into the lamp, if not heart burn it doesn't matter, it is ok to directly use ophthalmic drops.

at the time of use should also be to the shelter of some calligraphy and painting in the room, because long-term uv irradiation is cause discoloration of calligraphy and painting. If want to clean the lamps and lanterns is about to turn off the power supply, check with a clean soft cloth is ok, don't let your children play casual and touch

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