Use Characteristics Of Submerged Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Use Characteristics Of Submerged Ultraviolet Sterilizer


The sterilization principle of ultraviolet sterilizer is mainly based on the irradiation intensity of ultraviolet lamp, that is, the radiation intensity emitted by ultraviolet sterilizing lamp, which is inversely proportional to the distance of the irradiated sterilizer. Therefore, when the irradiation reaches a certain degree, the time of stay of the sterilized substance will be longer, and the closer it is to the sterilizing lamp, the better the bactericidal effect will be, and the worse it will be.


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1. The removal rate of the sea water, fresh water or other water body treated by the ultraviolet water disinfection system can reach above 99.99%, and the treatment cost per ton of water is 4% to 1 yuan (depending on the cleanliness of the water body).


2. Accelerate the growth rate of cultured population, improve seedling raising, culture population health level, cultivate healthy seedling, healthy adult.


3. without changing the original ingredients, taste and color of all kinds of drinks and other fluid foods, the removal rate of diseased bacteria can reach more than 99.99%.


4. The chlorine content in swimming pool water can be reduced to 0.5 mg / L to virus, and the removal rate of bacteria is more than 99.99%.


5. UV disinfection of applied water terminal can reach the standard of direct application of water.


6. The urban sewage is disinfected, the total amount of bacteria is reduced to below 200/100 ml, and E. coli is 20/100 ml or less. And the biological death is achieved, so that the purpose of disinfection and sterilization is achieved.

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