Ultraviolet Sterilizing Desk Lamp

Ultraviolet Sterilizing Desk Lamp


The ultraviolet disinfection lamp (UV lamp) is actually a low-pressure mercury lamp, which emits ultraviolet light after being excited by low-pressure mercury vapor (<10-2 Pa), as in a conventional fluorescent lamp. The lamp tube of the fluorescent lamp adopts the ordinary glass and the 254nm ultraviolet light can not be transparent, and can only be absorbed by the fluorescent powder on the inner wall of the lamp tube, and the visible light can be excited. If the composition and proportion of the phosphor are changed, it can emit light of different colors that we normally see. The lamp tubes of the general sterilization lamp are made of quartz glass, because the quartz glass has a high transmittance for each wave band of the ultraviolet rays, and reaches 80-90 percent. %, is the best material to do the germicidal lamp. The ultraviolet disinfection technology has the incomparable sterilization efficiency of other technologies. And the sterilization efficiency can be up to 99 percent to 99.9 percent. And the sterilization effect of the traditional chlorine, ozone and the like to achieve the sterilization effect of the ultraviolet rays is generally 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Tepro-Ultraviolet Sterilizing Desk Lamp

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