Ultraviolet sterilizer

Ultraviolet sterilizer


There are two main categories of ultraviolet sterilizer (also known as ultraviolet sterilizer, ultraviolet water purifier, ultraviolet water treatment equipment, ultraviolet water purifier, ultraviolet sterilizer, ultraviolet sterilizer, etc.). One is: cavity ultraviolet sterilizer is also called flow ultraviolet sterilizer, pipe ultraviolet sterilizer, the other is open channel ultraviolet sterilizer, also known as frame ultraviolet sterilizer. The accessories of ultraviolet sterilizer are: ultraviolet sterilizing lamp, ballast, quartz tube, sealing ring, polytetrafluoroethylene pressure ring, ultraviolet lamp tube socket and so on.


Ultraviolet sterilizer is the latest water disinfection technology which has been industrialized gradually in the late 1990s after more than 30 years of research and development in the world. Ultraviolet disinfection uses the ultraviolet spectrum of wavelength 225~275nm peak 254nm to destroy the nucleic acid of microbial chlamydia (DNA and RNA),) to prevent them from synthesizing protein and cell division. In the end, microbial chlamydia can not replicate, can not inherit and eventually die. Ultraviolet sterilizer can disinfect fresh water, sea water, all kinds of sewage, as well as wastewater with all kinds of high risk pathogens. Ultraviolet sterilizer has the highest disinfection efficiency, the widest application field and the lowest operation cost in the world. High-tech water disinfection products.

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