Ultraviolet rays can kill coronavirus common problems

by:Tepro     2020-07-01
What wavelength ultraviolet rays can kill coronavirus?

only short-wave ultraviolet rays can kill new coronavirus, short-wave ultraviolet confirmed two band containing 185 nm and 254 nm, 185 nm could produce ozone, ozone can kill the virus, equally is 254 nm band of sterilization, the band have a trace of ozone, ozone is harmful to the body.

principle of ozone exterminate coronavirus is what?

strong ability of ozone oxidation, bacteria inside the degradation of glucose enzyme will be needed to ozone oxidation decomposition, makes the TCA cycle can't of, can lead to cell life activities required for ATP outages, killed bacteria and ozone can also directly with bacteria, viruses, breaking them organelles and DNA, RNA, and let the metabolism of bacteria is damaged, the bacteria die, also can through the cell membrane, invading cells, acting on the outer membrane of lipoprotein and internal fat polysaccharide, to dissolve bacteria permeability distortion and death.

function of air disinfection kill coronavirus?

air disinfection machine is mainly composed of fan, screen, av device. Through the fan form the air circulation, filter for dust adsorption, odor and bacteria, viruses. Different air purification disinfection machine adopts the sterilization disinfection method is different, the main sterilization disinfection methods include uv, ozone, photocatalytic and plasma. Air purifier is mainly used to purify the air, the effect mainly on the HEPA filter in the configuration, although has the effect of filter bacteria, viruses, but does not directly antivirus sterilization, major focus for its configuration screen; The effect of air disinfection machine mainly antivirus sterilization, as long as the internal installation with ultraviolet lamp, can kill the coronavirus in the air, but air disinfection machine can't work on virus on the surface of the object, if is the ozone disinfection machine the effect will be better.

medical and household uv lamp can kill a coronavirus

whether medical uv lamp or household, can be work on coronavirus, but must pay attention to the lamp life, if disinfection lamp uv lamp has been used for a long time, the intensity of ultraviolet output will become low, sterilization effect is not very good, to replace the new uv lamp, as early as possible to buy tubes when must pay attention to the wavelength of ultraviolet lamp, remember: the sterilization of uv lamp is transparent, do not buy white or black uv lamp.

uv led lamp bead can sterilization

look at your uv led lamp bead is short wave light bead, listed on the market at present of short-wave ultraviolet lamp bead main wavelength is 275 nm, the band can be have antiseptic effect, but at present, the listing of short-wave ultraviolet lamp bead power are small and no large-scale commercial, if sterilization, suggest still use the traditional uv lamp, the effect is better.

365 nm uv lamp or uv flashlight can be used to kill the new coronavirus?

not sure, don't have to to 365 nm and 302 nm uv light sterilizer, in prior to sterilization, be sure to check out the lamp specifications, see the specific wavelength, ensure to use the short wave ultraviolet lamp.

how long can kill a new coronavirus ultraviolet lamp?

because of different uv lamp power, uv output intensity is not the same, if it is a desktop ultraviolet lamp, a fixed in room light, ultraviolet intensity due to the different position is different, so it's hard to say how long can kill coronavirus, against LUYOR - 1316 the portable uv lamp, uv lamp surface strength of 1000 uw/cm2, if the holding of a surface light, about several minutes inactivated virus, but if put it fixed in 15 About 30 and 20 square meters room use 60 minutes to room disinfection.

function of ozone disinfection of ozone and ultraviolet lamp to kill a new coronavirus?

you can, but type ozone after irradiation of ultraviolet lamp, must open a window ventilated as soon as possible, ozone is harmful to human body, no ozone mining can enter the room.

virus in the air can live for how long?

20 degrees such as temperature, humidity, 40% of the environment, studies have shown that the new coronavirus can live for five days. One sneeze, if do not pay attention to his shelter, he will have a virus, the virus pollution doorknob, pollution elevator buttons, if the next person don't wash their hands, after he contact with eyes, nose, the virus can be spread by contact way.

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