Ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp position and function in water treatment industry

by:Tepro     2020-04-04
For ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the water treatment plant using range is very wide, not to deal with all kinds of water quality, can also handle emissions out of water. One, the mechanism of ultraviolet germicidal lamp and processing characteristics of ultraviolet wavelength between about two hundred and two hundred and ninety, caused by bacterial cell membrane changes of DNA damage, the final loss of reproductive capacity, also reached the sterilization ability is so strong is due to the amount of uv radiation on needed to kill microorganisms in bacteria, also won't cause any water quality change, in a short period of time at very good, the entire process of sterilization is done in the flow-through. The strength of the sterilization ability with uv exposure mw. S/cm2 to say, different bacterial virus is sensitive to different wavelengths of ultraviolet ray has a different degree, through the test results show that the exposure D10 = mw. S/cm2, can reach ninety-nine percent. Second, the uv light sterilizer applicable occasions and matters needing attention of uv light sterilizer of applicable occasions and note 1 ultraviolet sterilization device selected uv light sterilizer device and has a lot to do to deal with the amount of water, but also on the basis of capacity to choose 2 need to deal with water when the need to contain a mixture of water or on the properties of liquid sugar disinfection is, remember to consider what causes ultraviolet light attenuation factor 3 for as long as the temperature characteristic of ultraviolet lamp under the condition of low water temperature, the sterilization efficiency for water reduction bacteria many manufacturers have adopted water ultraviolet germicidal lamp, this method does not need to join any kind of impurity content in the water, will not make any change in the water, in a very short period of time can achieve sterilization condition.
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