Ultraviolet ray application in the environmental health

by:Tepro     2020-07-26
Ultraviolet (uv) light can penetrate the membrane of bacteria, viruses, to the nucleic acid (< / p> 1. The principle of uv light sterilizer and deodorization < / p> at 200 ~ 290 nmDNA) To damage to cells lose the ability to reproduce, achieve rapid bactericidal effect. Below the wavelength of 200 nm wavelength ultraviolet ray can decompose the O2 molecules, generated O * combined with O2 produce ozone O3. UV and ozone has strong oxidation decomposition of organic molecules, including the stench, ability, UV/O3 and multiplication effect in air purification processing power.

2。 Ultraviolet radiation sterilization. Deodorization. Purification characteristics: setting the clock controller two types switch discharge tube, night and day fully consider the effect of ozone on the human body, achieve the safe operation. Ozone kill or decomposing microorganisms, such as sulfur, hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan dimethyl stench composition, create a fast optimal interior space. Cockroaches, rats, spread all sorts of bacteria, such as this kind of small animals is very sensitive to ozone, ozone smell sense danger is no longer in. Device within the blowers will release of ozone, reach every corner of the indoor, to achieve fast and efficient sterilization, deodorant. Effective for all species, not resistant. The UV method to produce ozone does not contain NOX so safe. Strong sterilization effect, improve the quality of the products and food shelf life, such as HACCP spirit. Setup is simple, easy to maintain, only need to change the consumption of discharge tube, low operating cost.

uv, ozone safety

1. People under the influence of UV irradiation after acute:

a lot of light for a few hours after symptoms appear, but a few days later, the symptoms disappear. (The local DNA by ultraviolet irradiation injury will be remove or repair. And UV -C is difficult to enter into the dermal tissue. ) Symptoms: : skin erythema, burns, blisters, the photosensitization, the synthesis of vitamin D; Eyes: keratitis, light conjunctivitis; Immune system: lang, Hans's cells disappeared, the virus chronic:

1 years of repeated serious by the excessive exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, the following symptoms: skin: pigment spots and pigment spots, elastic fiber degeneration, the Angle of the sun, basal cell carcinoma; Eyes: wing sheet, cataract, retinal detachment, grape film black is swollen, macular degeneration; Immune system: immune system, easy infection of various viruses.
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