Ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp is bad

by:Tepro     2020-07-18

with the wide popularity of the uv lamp now, more and more people began to worry about whether the uv lamp will produce certain harm to human body, whether in the process of using a has certain risk, to popularize the uv lamp today some relevant knowledge.

because now people in daily life or in the small restaurant is the most common type of uv lamp by mercury lamp emit ultraviolet ray, because mercury lamp has the effect of high temperature sterilization, the effect is very good, but in use process should also pay special attention to, because in the process of launching ultraviolet, he'll radiation of high energy, this energy is have a lot of damage to human body, if not careful skin irradiation by it to the human body, light swelling pain, serious can cause cancer, so everyone in the process of use should be especially careful, experts advise when using uv lamp must wear dark glasses or goggles, well after the open lamp, it is best not to stay in the room, disinfection time good for half an hour to an hour.

uv lamp is a good a good helper of disinfection kill bacteria, but in the use process must pay attention to safety, avoid unnecessary loss.

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