Ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp installation considerations

by:Tepro     2020-04-07
At present, more and more occasion ultraviolet lamp used for disinfection, sterilization, ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp at the same time, we first have to understand its installation should pay attention to what issues? Ultraviolet radiation sterilization tube concrete can be divided into the following several aspects: one, it is forbidden to frequent start ultraviolet sterilization lamp, especially in a short period of time, to ensure that the uv lamp life. Second, regular cleaning: according to the water quality situation, uv lamp and quartz glass tube need regular cleaning, wipe with alcohol cotton ball or gauze with test tubes, remove dirt rub-up, quartz glass tube is so as not to affect the uv transmittance, bactericidal effect and influence. Three, replacing lamp, lamp power socket pulled out first, drawn tubes, then insert the new lamp carefully wipe the sterilizer, with good sealing ring, check whether leakage phenomenon, then plugged in. Note not with fingers touch the new lamp quartz glass, otherwise it will stain effect of sterilization effect. Four, prevent ultraviolet (uv) radiation: ultraviolet sterilization lamp has strong power to the bacteria, also has certain harm to human body, and start disinfection lamp, should avoid direct exposure to the human body, can use safety glasses when necessary, shall not directly use eyes to light source, so as not to burn eye film. Above several aspects are uv installation details information, for use or personnel involved in the lamp is very helpful, so that can better use and operation of ultraviolet lamp. Ultraviolet germicidal properties and applicable occasions detail uv light sterilizer technology has been the development and utilization in the last century, ultraviolet radiation sterilization process does not produce secondary pollution, is widely used in various industries. In the uv light sterilizer, sterilization ability of high and low relative to the amount of uv radiation mw when dealing with water. S/cm2, ultraviolet radiation intensity is directly related to the size and the size of the sterilization rate. is the principle of the ultraviolet light through the membrane of bacteria or viruses to control the phenomenon of genetic and biological function of nucleic acid ( DNA) Damage, lose their ability to reproduce, and thus achieve the aim of sterilization. A variety of microbial sensitivity to ultraviolet ray, due to the difference of strain and there are differences. According to bacillus genus as objects for factory test results show that the exposure D10 = mw. S/cm2, the sterilization rate above 99%. Nucleic acid ( DNA) For wavelength 250 - 260 mm uv, tends to have a particularly easy to absorb. According to the required amount of ultraviolet radiation to kill microorganisms to bacteria treatment, without any change in the water, in a very short period of time for a flash sterilization, the effect is good. Moreover, such processing is completed in the straight pipe of the flow-through. Applicable occasions of the ultraviolet sterilization method and matters needing attention, uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp temperature characteristic: 1 before sterilization process generally use with low pressure mercury lamp, the temperature around 40 to 50 degrees on the conditions of exposure rate of peak, if in the case of low water temperature, the bactericidal efficiency is lower, it must be considered; 2, need to deal with the water properties: the uv ultraviolet sterilization method, based on the handling of the strains in the water An exposure to uv exposure, it can play the preliminary effect. Therefore, treated water by ultraviolet transmittance is a problem. Especially containing a mixture of water or sugar solution, must first consider because of the treated water by ultraviolet radiation attenuation factor, after, and then select the required amount of uv radiation; The selected 3, ultraviolet radiation sterilization device: the choice of ozone machine, to be on the basis of ozone generates. While the ultraviolet sterilization device to and deal with the water on the amount of uv radiation for selecting standard. Germicidal lamp illumination, longer duration of use and attenuation, so the selected uv exposure, to the life of the lamp end point for the standard.
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