Ultraviolet radiation sterilization disinfector advantages and disadvantages

by:Tepro     2020-04-10
Due to the is widely used in life, to the life brought the convenience, but as for the current uv sterilizer, still exist some shortcomings, of course, there are a lot of advantages, their specific advantages and disadvantages are as follows: uv light sterilizer lamp defect problems: 1, uv sterilizer - wuhan Uv sterilizer lampdisinfection does not provide the rest of the sterilization ability, when dealing with water left after uv disinfector reactor, some are uv damage under light revival mechanism of microbes will repair the damage the DNA molecule, regenerates the bacteria. 2, the pipeline uv sterilizer - The purity of the quartz tube outer wall is the key to ensure sterilization effect and operation. When not filtered, descaling, such as pretreatment of water by uv sterilizer - Uv sterilizer, many of the inorganic impurities will precipitate, adhesion in uv sterilizer - Uv sterilizer outside casing wall and the direct effect on sterilization effect. The advantages of uv disinfection sterilizer, uv sterilizer - 1 Uv sterilizer lampsterilization effect is fast, the effect is good. 2, uv sterilizer Uv sterilizer without smell, without noise, do not affect the taste of water. 3, uv sterilizer - Uv sterilizer easy to operate, simple management, operation and maintenance cost is low. 4, uv sterilizer Uv sterilizer ultraviolet disinfection without chemicals, won't produce disinfection by-products THMs class. Antivirus mechanism study showed that uv is mainly through to the microorganism ( Pathogens such as bacteria, virus, spores) Radiation damage and destroy the function of the nucleic acid kill microorganisms, thus achieve the purpose of disinfection. Ultraviolet (uv) on the function of nucleic acids can lead to the key and chain rupture, crosslinking and photochemical products, etc. , between stocks which changed the biological activity of DNA, the microbe itself cannot be copied, this uv damage is also fatal injuries. Ultraviolet disinfection is a physical method, it does not increase any material into the water, no side effects, this is the place where it is better than that of chlorination, it is usually associated with other material used, common joint process include UV + H2O2, UV, H2O2 + O3, UV + TiO2, in this way, the disinfection effect will be better.
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