Ultraviolet ozone lamp, a perfect way of disinfection

by:Tepro     2021-04-11
Ultraviolet ozone lamp, a perfect way of disinfection 1 ultraviolet lamp, reliable! Let me start with the conclusion that ultraviolet light can indeed kill the new coronavirus, which is reliable. According to the 'New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Version 5)In addition, ultraviolet rays can kill all kinds of bacteria, parasites and other pathogens. 2How to choose a UV lamp? Just look at the wavelength in two points, and look at the power of all kinds on Taobao, fixed, movable, and hand-held. However, it doesn't matter! [Ultraviolet wavelength] Two wavelengths, with ozone, must be ventilated for 1 hour after disinfection, one wavelength, no ozone, you can immediately move into the current UV lamps on the market, the wavelengths are these two: 253.7nm, this wavelength band, the strongest germicidal effect ; 185nm, this waveband, the direct bactericidal power is not strong, but can produce ozone. How to choose? Do you want to bring ozone? It is best to have ozone function. Ultraviolet rays can only disinfect surfaces that can be illuminated, while ozone can diffuse and disinfect areas that are not exposed to light. but! Ozone is harmful to the human body. After disinfection, windows must be opened for ventilation for at least 30 minutes. Reminder: If you can't ensure the ventilation time, it is safer to choose 'Ozone-free UV Lamp'. [Power] Room disinfection requires 60W or more, disinfection for more than 1 hour with a handheld UV lamp, the effective disinfection range is very small. In theory, it is enough to buy a 30W UV lamp. If according to the hospital disinfection standard, according to the 'Medical Institution Disinfection Technical Specification (2012)': when indoor suspended ultraviolet disinfection lamps is used, the indoor installation quantity is an average of not less than 1.5W per cubic meter, and the irradiation time is not less than 30min. For example, for a room of 6 square meters and a height of 3 meters, the required power is 27W (watts). but! Businessmen nowadays often make false reports. It is 30W, but the actual power is not enough. Therefore, if you really want to achieve effective disinfection, you can only buy from high power (high power, the price is definitely not cheap). The disinfection time should also be increased, at least 1 hour. Hand-held UV lamps are convenient and convenient, but usually the power is small and the effective disinfection range is also very small. Do not irradiate human eyes directly when using it, and avoid children's use. When the power is similar, the sterilization range of the ultraviolet lamp is also different, and the vertical type is larger than the hanging type. To learn more, please pay attention to this site tnuvir.com
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