Ultraviolet light cleaning principle and field use

by:Tepro     2020-04-15
Ultraviolet (uv) in the last century by the people to explore the development and utilization of, its own mature technology is widely used in various fields. Cleaning process is the use of organic compounds and uv light photosensitive oxidation to remove adhesion on the surface of organic material, after light cleaning of the surface of the material can reach the atomic cleanliness. Ultraviolet light cleaning principle of the UV ultraviolet wavelength of 185 nm and 254 nm wavelengths, have very strong energy, when photons is uv light sterilizer mechanism to cleaning the surface, most of the hydrocarbons will be about 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet light has the strong absorption ability, and the energy absorption of 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet light after decomposed into ions, free atoms and neutron, this is the photosensitization. Molecular oxygen in the air after the absorption of a 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet will produce ozone and oxygen atom. Ozone to 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet also has strong absorption performance, thus ozone and decomposed into atomic oxygen and oxygen. And atomic oxygen is very lively, objects under the effect of it on the surface of carbon and hydrocarbons decomposition can be combined into a volatile gas, then thoroughly remove adhesion on the surface of carbon and organic pollutants. The use of uv ultraviolet germicidal light cleaning technology field 1, in the process of semiconductor manufacturing, silicon wafer protective film, aluminum evaporation coating for light cleaning before, so that we can improve the bonding strength, prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon such as pinhole, fracture; 2, quartz crystal oscillator, in production, crystal before the silver evaporation deposition, ultraviolet (uv) light clean can improve the quality of coating and the performance of the product; 3, in the LED in the production of liquid crystal display (LCD), in the photoresist, PI glue, directional film, chromium film, color film after light before cleaning process, can greatly improve the wettability of the substrate surface, enhance the cohesive force of substrate surface; 4, in the large scale integrated circuit density is getting higher and higher, the lattice ultra-micronization model. the is becoming more and more dense, more and more is also high requirements on the surface of the clean degree, light cleaning process can effectively realize the surface cleanness of atoms, and will not cause any damage on the surface of a chip; 5, in the production of printed circuit board, the copper plate, printing plate for light cleaning and modification, light cleaning before welding wires, can improve the contact area of fusion welding, greatly increase the connection strength and the quality of the circuit board. Ultraviolet (uv) light clean technology currently used in the modern information technology industry is common, but with the continuous development of China's industrial modernization, mature uv ultraviolet germicidal light cleaning and light modification technology has been gradually applied in the metal, plastic, rubber and other industrial production in the industry.
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