Ultraviolet irradiation sterilization technique

by:Tepro     2020-03-18
Wavelength 200 - 290 mm ultraviolet ray, can through the membrane of bacteria or viruses to control the phenomenon of genetic and biological function of nucleic acid ( DNA) Damage, making it lose the ability to reproduce, so as to achieve purpose of sterilization. Nucleic acid ( DNA) For wavelength 250 - 260 mm uv, tends to have a particularly easy to absorb. This is why the wavelength of ultraviolet sterilization ability of the strongest reason. According to the required amount of ultraviolet radiation to kill microorganisms to bacteria treatment, without any change in the water, in a very short period of time for a flash sterilization, the effect is good. Moreover, such processing is completed in the straight pipe of the flow-through. In terms of ultraviolet sterilization lamp, sterilization force to relative to the size of the amount of uv radiation mw when dealing with water. s/cm 2( Ultraviolet irradiation intensity [ mw/cm 2 × Time] ) To represent. The size of the amount of uv rays shooting has correlation with the size of the sterilization rate. A variety of microbial sensitivity to ultraviolet ray, due to the difference of strain and there are differences. According to bacillus genus ( 芽孢杆菌) For the object ( B. subtlis) The factory test results show that in exposure D = 10 mw. S/cm 2, sterilization rate reached 99. 5%. Therefore, the design of the actual device exposure is equivalent to 10 D & times; 4, namely 50 mw. S/cm 2 above. Uv killed outside law applicable occasions and notice a ultraviolet sterilization device selected: in choosing a ozone generating unit, to standard for ozone generates, and the ultraviolet sterilization device and process of water on the amount of uv radiation as selection criteria. Germicidal lamp illumination, longer duration of use and attenuation, so the selected uv exposure, to the life of the lamp end point for the standard. B need to deal with water properties: use ultraviolet sterilization method, based on the handling of the strains in the water An exposure to uv exposure, it can play the preliminary effect. Therefore, treated water by ultraviolet transmittance is a problem. Especially containing a mixture of water or sugar solution, must first consider as the process water ( Liquid) Ultraviolet light attenuation factor, and then select the required amount of uv radiation. C temperature characteristics of ultraviolet lamp: previously, generally used with low pressure mercury lamp, the temperature around 40 - 50 on the conditions of exposure rate of peak, if in the case of low water temperature, the bactericidal efficiency is reduced, which must be considered.
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