Ultraviolet germicidal lamp what to use?

by:Tepro     2020-03-09
Disinfection ultraviolet germicidal lamp in a hospital operating room, and control of environment and species density requirements higher space with a wide range of applications, in the bathroom of some families will install uv germicidal lamp sterilization, the humid place usually is high rates of bacteria breeding areas, so more or less will be applied to the ultraviolet germicidal lamp, but one thing everyone knows ultraviolet disinfection sterilization lamp can also have a harm to human body, mainly in the effects of excessive exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation to the human body. In fact, as long as mastering the ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization time and correct use method can avoid its negative effects. The hair of ultraviolet germicidal lamp spectral lines with 254 nm, 254 nm uv germicidal lamp to kill bacteria by irradiation of microbial DNA, the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp and ultraviolet germicidal lamp radiation space, uv germicidal lamp hanging distance, uv germicidal lamp ultraviolet germicidal lamp in cleaning and cleaning and so on. 01, ultraviolet germicidal lamp radiation space problem: a lot of ultraviolet germicidal lamp unit using ignore the effective space range of uv irradiation, only consider the plane area and calculate the irradiation. Every disinfection of space, in addition to the area factor, have high low, the total space have greatly small, use sterilization lamp should calculate the total cubic space adopts corresponding power uv germicidal lamp, a 30 w uv germicidal lamp effective sterilization space range should be less than 30 cubic meters, it is generally believed that each cubic meter of space ultraviolet germicidal lamp power should be greater than 1 1. 5 w, in use should be noticed. 02, ultraviolet germicidal lamp hanging distance: use ultraviolet germicidal lamp should be paid attention to by disinfection and uv germicidal lamp irradiation distance object, namely ultraviolet germicidal lamp ride height should be less than 2. 5 meters, some unit using ultraviolet germicidal lamp ride height is greater than 2. 5 meters, even greater than 3, 4 m. Is inversely proportional to the intensity of ultraviolet irradiation and irradiation distance is almost, hanging is too high, is bound to affect the effect of sterilization. 03, ultraviolet radiation intensity decay problem: uv germicidal lamp with longer duration of use, the radiation intensity will gradually decline. Through measured in many ways, the general domestic better ultraviolet germicidal lamp use after 5000 hours, ultraviolet germicidal lamp will need to be replaced, the overseas import uv germicidal lamp, the United States imported lightsources ultraviolet germicidal lamp service life can reach 12000 hours or more ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp needs to be replaced. 04, the application of ultraviolet germicidal lamp should also pay attention to in wiping and cleaning: new ultraviolet germicidal lamp when using, can use first 95% alcohol gauze cleaning tube, remove dust and oil pollution of the tubes. In use process, wipe on a regular basis, Once a week) To do a good job of cleaning ultraviolet lamp, lest affect purple rate and radiation intensity. Finally in the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp should also pay attention to prevent ultraviolet radiation problem: mainly to prevent ultraviolet ray to eye, face a radiation damage, especially attention to eye conjunctiva of radiation damage. After radiation injury of the face, eyes red and swollen, tears, and the sting and the electro-optic eye damage is more serious. After three or four days to heal. ( One eye conjunctiva for ultraviolet radiation damage, can milk eye drops of choose and employ persons, half an hour at a time, three to four times better) 。 Prevent methods: in order to avoid to face the light source is given priority to, in the measurement of the radiation intensity of ultraviolet germicidal lamp review, with special irradiation intensity or sunglasses as a protective mask, protective goggles, but don't made of quartz glass as the raw material of protective equipment, because of the quartz glass for ultraviolet transparent purple rate over 80%, and almost can't through to ultraviolet ray, ordinary glass can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation damage.
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