Ultraviolet germicidal lamp used in farmland pesticide

by:Tepro     2020-04-28
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people demand for pollution-free make crops is increasing year by year. Crops in China, compared with other agricultural developed countries due to the widespread use of pesticides for antivirus, residue content. In order to be able to seek a kind of both environmental protection and can eliminate pests purposes, a Swiss company recently in addition to a new type of uv lamp, lamp with a farmland insecticidal without medication. The TOC uv lamp at the time of penetrating object, energy will be absorbed. More than 95% of uv energy through good quality quartz tube. Uv transmittance will because of the water dissolved in the water content and suspended solid of the type and amount of different changes. By sampling and testing, the liquid to 254 nm uv energy absorption capability parameters - Known as the effective absorption value ( C的) Can be determined. Organic pest often parasitic on the surface of plants, insects, such as beetles, although will be water dashed to the ground, but it will not be killed. And UVC - Ultraviolet ( Wave length: 254 nm) For microorganisms on the plant and will destroy them. Ultraviolet ray also can dissolve in the water before the activation, now stay on the surface of the plant, ozone, and then produce excited oxygen atoms, and then destroy the microbial cell walls. The obvious advantages of modern disinsection is not on plants and the environment in a biological or chemical residues. This is in addition to pesticides and insecticides another power options. Which consists of a single silent ozone generator to generate ozone, then dissolved in water. So PhytO3 a combination of two effects: plants with the ozone water spraying, reoccupy UVC ultraviolet irradiation. Recently, in the recent field experiment, has adopted Heraeus manufacturing uv lamp, in their PhytO3 inside the machine. Inside the machine adopted the ozone water with uv light at the same time, using uv ionization radiation technology, can effectively achieve the desired effect. Farmland insecticidal drug not why not, ultraviolet germicidal lamp help you create a pollution-free crops.
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