Ultraviolet germicidal lamp to replace chlorine disinfection disinfection technology

by:Tepro     2020-04-03
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp although there are some defects, can't continuous disinfection, if not reach the removal rate of one hundred percent, but also can achieve ninety-nine percent, not only the process without non-toxic also won't produce any kind of risk. Fully shows the humanistic outlook of modern people and the government, good environmental protection concept, overall superiority than any one. Uv disinfection technology has now become China's water treatment disinfection technology level, in the process of the whole water treatment won't appear any kind of disinfection byproducts, especially other disinfection methods often produce carcinogenic substances, etc. Now uv germicidal lamp disinfection technology has completely replaced the original chlorine disinfection of a leading disinfection technology, even if some manufacturers in wastewater treatment using this technology but this is just a kind of emergency measures. Ultraviolet lamp so far, the country has nearly 30 large and medium-sized wastewater treatment, occupies sixty percent of the proportion of the overall market to seventy percent, but also brought advanced technology for the national environmental protection enterprise, as the country's emphasis on environmental protection, when using this technique, not only can greatly improve the safety of the factory, also can avoid leakage phenomenon. But this kind of technology used in China still exist many defects in the process, a lot of substandard project situation, if the design is not reasonable, is not competitive in the market, tubes of various performance should be improved. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization technology, as an essential part of all areas of the British craft link, to protect the importance of waste water treatment company is self-evident, as people pursue a better quality of life, people is higher and higher requirements for stability.
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