Ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization principle and features:

by:Tepro     2020-03-15
1, 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet ray is very easy to be absorbed by the organisms, ultraviolet a major role in the organism's genetic material DNA, ultraviolet ray can make DNA, RNA molecules bond damage and fracture, killing bacteria cannot reproduce. 2, 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet ray to generate oxygen ions ionized oxygen in the air, free oxygen ions is not stable, to combine with oxygen in the air, has a strong oxidation of ozone, ozone can effectively kill bacteria. 3, ultraviolet (uv) for a variety of bacteria killing, don't need to add and chemicals, belong to the pure physical disinfection method, no secondary pollution. Uv germicidal lamp uv germicidal lamp performance features: the use of special high temperature solid mercury technology, by controlling the amount of mercury in the lamp, the control system for the mercury vapor pressure in the lamp, so as to realize the bulb at high temperature, also can maintain higher uv output. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp application: waterworks, tap water, secondary water supply, wastewater treatment, industrial pure water, industrial waste water large flow of water treatment, etc. Ultraviolet (uv) light has harm to human and animal, when using do not exposure to people or animals. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp use notice: due to ultraviolet rays can penetrate the cell death, so should pay attention to when using a ultraviolet disinfection can't direct illuminate to a person's skin, especially people's eyes, don't look straight tubes, ultraviolet germicidal lamp light because shortwave ultraviolet not through ordinary glass, wearing glasses can avoid injury to the eye. If not narrow-minded injury, usually harmless, just like the sun burned, serious can eye drops or human milk, help recover. On some occasions, do not use ozone tube, can make the person poisoning when high concentrations of ozone.
Nowadays, the adoption of uv antibacterial light in uv sterilization lamp industry is quite common.
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