Ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization mechanism and advantages

by:Tepro     2020-04-02
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp disinfection technology application in different fields, especially in the food industry, the demand for water is higher, because must have a guarantee, both water pollution and the pollution of raw material will lead to the discoloration of products and reduce product life, so in the process of production of microorganisms to make the necessary disinfection. General company in order to meet the needs of families, has been to reduce the use of chemicals to a minimum, thereby indirectly reduces the water was polluted. Ultraviolet ( UV) Disinfection technology does not require the use of chemicals, the disinfection has effect on both bacteria and viruses, and this method will not produce the cost of production. Ultraviolet sterilization equipment, ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp sterilization mechanism of ultraviolet light is wavelength between one hundred and eighty-five and four hundred, have very strong sterilization ability, direct damage of DNA, molecular structure, make them unable to reproduce, so as to achieve the goal of effective sterilization. Whether no purified water or drinks and discharge of sewage can use this method. Second, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp current UV disinfection methods mainly include low voltage ( LP) And medium voltage ( MP) One of two ways. Three, ultraviolet germicidal lamp advantages compared with other sterilization disinfection, the disinfection has the advantages of high disinfection process must be won't produce too much residual material, at the same time also won't produce disinfection liquid chemical composition and PH value. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp processing has become water processing company mainly disinfection method, also can saying is the complement of a purification methods, each processing unit does not produce residual material, not nourish the bacteria, can make the pollution to a minimum.
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