Ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization effect is related to the environment?

by:Tepro     2020-04-03
In gas phase conditions, the effect of ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp to kill microorganisms, depends on the several main factors: the threshold of ozone concentration, is when the concentration of ozone in the air has reached a certain value, will have the ability to kill all sorts of bacteria, both microorganisms and all sorts of bacteria, in the whole process. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization effect on ozone concentration in the 0 to the environment. 02 PPM, generally speaking people have good sense of smell, so people can smell, this is a critical value, when the concentration reaches 1 - for a health standard 10 PPM, referred to as the stimulus. Even if people can smell the ozone, will not pose any threat to people health, ozone application for more than one hundred years, ozone generator has none in the world because of ozone poisoning death accidents. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp must have uniform distribution of ozone, and temperature conditions of temperature in the space must be appropriate, which ensures that won't produce certain effect to use effect. Under the condition of the gas phase, ozone sterilization effect of microbial have different, but with a large number of experiments show that ozone for people, animals, pathogenic bacteria, viruses have strong lytic exterminate action. Affect gas phase uv germicidal lamp ozone sterilization effect of environmental factors are mainly the temperature and humidity. In general, low temperature, high humidity shows that this equipment has better effect of sterilization, relative humidity is more than seventy percent for the best, this is because of the increase in relative humidity can make cell expansion, cell wall thinning, make it more vulnerable to dissolve ozone infiltration. , in the concrete use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization process should be isolated from staff, general disinfection equipment is fully automatic, so good to set the various parameters in advance is very important.
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