Ultraviolet germicidal lamp processing advantages of urban wastewater treatment

by:Tepro     2020-04-04
Environmental protection is one of national key project of sustainable development, and the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp treatment of urban sewage treatment is an important part of it. One, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp advantage is the combination of MBR and ultraviolet disinfection technology process optimization, each other between the MBR effluent suspended solids, less effluent is stable, can significantly reduce disinfection dose; UV disinfection can remove part of the MBR not remove bacteria, achieve a win-win benefits. At the same time whole process structure is compact, cover an area of an area small. The MBR + UV technology in water treatment is reclaimed water reuse or deep treatment options. Ultraviolet disinfection equipment uv disinfection technology, this system is used to choose high output low voltage high strength ultraviolet lamp, imported famous brand ballast and PLC, the dose of synchronization control to save electricity, internal Ethernet communication, real-time equipment running status and alarm display and convenient to find and eliminate failure, the application of a number of innovative technology, improve the efficiency of the system, simplifying the system operation, reduces the maintenance frequency, make have higher cost performance, safety and energy saving. Second, application field 1, the depth of the water plant processing, direct drinking water plant construction. 2, municipal sewage treatment plant deep processing projects, municipal reclaimed water project, water reuse project. 3, living sewage treatment and reuse. Rural living community, hospital, school, restaurant, scenic spot, expressway service area sewage treatment such as zero emissions, waste leachate treatment. Combined with more than domestic sewage treatment plant uv sterilization lamp installed successfully operating experience, and give full consideration to the domestic sewage plant process features and operation management level of the development of ultraviolet disinfection products. As the ultraviolet lamp upgraded, the system structure is simple, stable performance and operating interface intuitive and uv lamp USES imported famous brand products, low fault rate and replacement maintenance cost cheap, very accord with the technical requirement of domestic small and medium-sized sewage plant and operation and management level.
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