Ultraviolet germicidal lamp main functions and advantages

by:Tepro     2020-04-05
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is in optics, chemistry, electronics and the civil engineering disciplines, on the basis of this kind of high efficient uv can have very good effect on removing, device is the most commonly used uv germicidal lamp, generally some water treatment manufacturer called low ultraviolet disinfection equipment. A, the principle of ultraviolet disinfection as is known to all, both the water and there are a lot of bacteria in the air, if use the illuminate of ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp for a long time, can will be to get rid of all kinds of microorganisms in the water, will be one of the cell membrane and nucleus structure damage, make its losing the ability to replicate die or lose their activity, so can this do not need any chemicals can achieve the goal of removing bacteria. The main functions of the uv lamp, ultraviolet disinfection equipment in general, ultraviolet disinfection equipment design at the time of maximum flow uv dose of 40 mJ/cm2 to ensure the processing is achieved. Ultraviolet radiation dose by mJ/cm2 ( Or mWs/cm2) Said. Independent of the microbiology laboratory proved in the experiment of mice infected less than & lt; 10 mJ/cm2 ultraviolet ray can provide greater than 4 log ( 99. 99%) Cryptosporidium inactivated. Three, the advantages of ultraviolet disinfection ultraviolet germicidal lamp disinfection does not produce any secondary pollutants, completely reached the international advanced level of disinfection, with its large quantity of low cost advantage pressure variety of disinfection equipment, which is in the developed countries has become a mainstream disinfection method. Ultraviolet light disinfection by chloramine disinfection method can effectively avoid the excessive sex free residual chlorine odor; Secondly compared with uv light sterilizer and other chemical methods can also maintain the disinfection time longer, so as to more effectively control the water residual bacteria breeding; More important is to use chloramine disinfection can effectively reduce disinfection process production of THMs. Additional ultraviolet germicidal lamp also have application in filtration sterilization, disinfection of ultraviolet ray can effectively reverse osmosis and granular activated carbon water production, and is now in the processing industry for many years to use, bring convenience for people, and a more secure living environment.
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