Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is not only good at testing but also very important

by:Tepro     2021-05-11
Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are not only good at testing, but also very important. No matter what product will be used, it is the most basic premise, but it is definitely not good to use it. Regular inspection and maintenance are also necessary. Let me teach you the testing methods, pure dry goods Oh!   Ultraviolet sterilization is a traditional and effective disinfection method. It has been widely used in hospitals, schools, food factories, water treatment, etc., but it is affected by many factors during use, especially the low radiation intensity of the lamp. Improper application will affect the disinfection and sterilization effect. In order to ensure a satisfactory disinfection effect, we mainly implemented the following monitoring and management measures during use. 1. The radiation intensity of the lamp:    ultraviolet radiation intensity is the most basic factor that affects the disinfection effect. According to the requirements of the 'Disinfection Technical SpecificationThe radiation intensity of the lamp in use should be as low as 70μW/cm2. It can be used temporarily, but the irradiation time must be extended. According to the formula that the ultraviolet radiation dose is equal to the radiation intensity multiplied by the radiation time, the extended radiation time required for different intensities can be obtained. It can also be seen that high intensity short time or low intensity long time can achieve the same sterilization effect. If the intensity of the ultraviolet light source is lower than 40VW/cm2, then the irradiation time will not be able to achieve a satisfactory sterilization effect, that is, stop using it. Don't think that as long as the UV lamp is on, it will have a sterilization effect. 2. The number of lamps installed is in accordance with the 'Disinfection Technical Specifications' issued by the Ministry of Health, the third edition of the second sub-volume (hospital disinfection specifications), the number of indoor suspended ultraviolet disinfection lamps installed (30W ultraviolet lamps, radiation at a vertical 1m Intensity higher than 70μW/cm2) is an average of not less than 1.5W per cubic meter, and it is required to be evenly distributed and the lifting height is 1.8-2.2m away from the ground, so that the human breathing belt is in the effective irradiation range. Continuous irradiation is not less than 30 minutes, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is inversely proportional to the radiation distance, and the suspension is too high, which will affect the sterilization effect. If it is to disinfect the surface of the object, the distance between the lamp tube and the irradiated surface should be 1m for the disinfection to be effective. 3. Ambient temperature Ambient temperature has a certain influence on the intensity of ultraviolet radiation, too high or too low temperature will reduce the radiation intensity, if the temperature drops to 4 ℃, the radiation intensity can be reduced by about 65% to 80%, which seriously affects the sterilization effect. Generally, room temperature 20-40℃ is the suitable temperature for ultraviolet disinfection lamps. In this temperature range, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is the largest and stable, which can achieve the ideal disinfection effect.   4. Relative humidity    Relative humidity is high, and the penetration of ultraviolet radiation into cells is reduced. According to related literature, when the relative humidity is 55% to 60%, ultraviolet rays have the strongest killing rate of microorganisms. When the relative humidity is above 60% to 70%, the sensitivity of microorganisms to ultraviolet rays is reduced, and the relative humidity is even above 80%. On the contrary, it has an activating effect on microorganisms and can reduce the bactericidal power by 30% to 40%. UV disinfection immediately after mopping the floor and wiping the table top will increase the indoor humidity and affect the disinfection effect. Therefore, the room should be kept clean and dry when using ultraviolet disinfection.   5. Prevent ultraviolet radiation damage    mainly prevents ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes and face exposed skin. Do not look directly at the lamp to prevent conjunctivitis. Do not allow the ultraviolet light source to directly irradiate people to prevent erythema on the skin. Ultraviolet rays can emit ozone. Too much ozone can poison people. In a human working environment, the concentration of ozone should not exceed 0.3mg/m3. UV radiation should be carried out when the room is empty. When monitoring the radiation intensity, use a special radiation intensity detection tool ruler to observe the light source with your back. Ordinary glass or sunglasses can be used as a protective mask, and protective glasses can protect the eyes and facial skin.  6. u200bu200bRegular cleaning of the lamp.    The dust and grease on the surface of the ultraviolet lamp will hinder the penetration of ultraviolet rays. Pay attention to the cleaning and cleaning of the lamp during use. Before using the new lamp, wipe it with a 75% alcohol cotton ball. Generally wipe once every 2 weeks during use. When dust or oil stains are found on the surface of the lamp tube, wipe it at any time to keep the lamp tube clean and transparent, so as not to affect the penetration and radiation intensity of ultraviolet rays.  7. Strengthen the monitoring of the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp.    The ultraviolet lamp in use should be inspected with an ultraviolet radiation illuminance meter for 3-6 months, and the lamp with unqualified intensity should be replaced in time. Use the ultraviolet radiation illuminance meter to make a measurement calibration once a year to maintain accuracy. When monitoring, the measurement conditions in the 'Disinfection Technical Specification' must be followed, the voltage is 220V, the temperature is above 20°C, and the relative humidity is less than 60%. The stable intensity after turning on the lamp for 5 minutes is the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp. It can also be measured with a chemical indicator card of ultraviolet radiation intensity. The indicator card is irradiated 1m away from the lamp tube for 1 minute, and the photosensitive coating changes from white to purple-red. Compared with the standard color block, the radiation intensity of the lamp can be known and the UV germicidal lamp's How to choose the UV germicidal lamp and how to buy a good quality UV germicidal lamp? Finding the right professional manufacturer is the key. Choosing an effective product is always what you pay for. LONGPRO Lang General ultraviolet-360 in the germicidal world.   The above 7 points are the summary, welcome your inquiry, transferred from: tnuvir.com Related reading: Although the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is easy to use, the operating specifications should be paid attention to.
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