Ultraviolet germicidal lamp in water applications have what difficulties

by:Tepro     2020-07-19
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp technical difficulties in water applications

1, the structure and control

in water treatment is mainly used ultraviolet light disinfection sterilization function, the basic principle and method in decades have been found. In Europe and the United States, ultraviolet disinfection lamps technology is a kind of universal technology. In our country, in the ninety s introduction of the technology. Ten years, the technology as a high-tech product & quot; Be hard to market. So far, however, ultraviolet disinfection lamps products are far from popular in water treatment applications.

there is no one of the important reasons of universalization, domestic production ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp quality ( Mainly life) Don't pass. In water treatment industry. Due to the equipment are generally running 24 hours a day, the life of the lamp are high. The domestic production of the lamp also is commonly - 1000 2000 hours, and the reliability is not high, easy to fail. When used for air disinfection, bad a lamp can change at any time; And in the water treatment equipment, if a bad light, will affect the whole equipment, systems, may also affect other water supply system and the user. Is safety and quality accident. Therefore, the life and reliability of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is particularly important.

the second reason is the product of the structure and the design of the control system does not pass. Household water machine, for example. According to the department of health detection, channelled through water cooler water, mostly bacteria exceeds bid badly, some famous manufacturers. Bacteria is the main reason why water machine inside long not to clean and nourish the bacteria. Several years ago, someone want to ultraviolet lamp used on the water dispenser and water disinfection and cleaning the system environment. But up to now, the market also didn't see water machine using ultraviolet lamp.

this kind of phenomenon is mainly caused by encountered the problem of structure design. Ultraviolet (uv) in the water penetration is very poor, only suitable for less than 10 cm the thickness of the static water, with the increase of aquifer thickness, uv intensity will greatly attenuation. So the uv disinfection is most suitable for thin layer dynamic water to water. And ordinary water into the tank of bottled water dispenser is static, and storage time not sure, could only stay for a few seconds, Continuous meet drinking water) , is also likely to stay a long time. It also increases the difficulty in time control.

2, photocatalytic reaction

light catalytic oxidation reaction mechanism is very complex. Nanometer materials such as composite photocatalyst TiO2 powders, after uv irradiation, electronic - is produced The cavity; That's right. Hole has a strong ability to save for electronic, after meet water molecules, water molecules are electronic form to hydroxyl ( - - - - - - 哦) , hydroxyl group has a strong chemical activity, it can destroy organic chemical bonds, achieve the goal of kuang, decompose organic pollutants.


1, photocatalytic doesn't work in air or in water, the photolysis of efficiency is limited. Don't exaggerate his role. It can handle only a very low content of impurities of air and solution, and a longer processing time. Gases (such as air purification, can only be used for pollution Such as household indoor) Light environment, and cannot be used for such as purification of waste gas, waste water etc.

2, photocatalysis can only limited light near the surface of the catalyst. That is to say, can only through the light impurity molecules, or ions catalyst surface can be degraded. Because of photocatalytic activity of hydroxyl ions ( - - - - - - 哦) Time is very short, from producing to die ( Less than 10 - 6 seconds) , he can not swim in the water, also can't fly in the sky. And like uv rays can penetrate certain water ( Despite its serious attenuation in the water) , ozone and chlorine gas can be dissolved in water, with water rafting, action time can reach tens of minutes.

3, photocatalytic activity is easily affected by external factors. Some ion in water optical catalytic decomposition has a promoting effect, also have some ions or molecules light catalyst poisoning. The humidity in the air to light also has effect on the catalytic effect. And one more thing: must have photocatalytic water molecules. In the process of equipment work, photocatalytic effect is often difficult to measured and judgement. Consumer is difficult to through the perceptual knowledge to feeling the charm of high-tech!

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