Ultraviolet germicidal lamp in aquatic farming and the use of the aquarium

by:Tepro     2020-04-06
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is actually belongs to a kind of low pressure mercury lamp. Low pressure mercury lamp is to use low mercury vapor pressure ( < 10 - 2Pa) Be intensified and emit ultraviolet light, its hair spectral line mainly have two: one is 253. 7 nm wavelength; Another is 185 nm wavelength, and the two are invisible to the naked eye of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp does not need to be converted to visible light, 100 - The wavelength of 200 nm can have very good sterilization effect, this is because the cells of light absorption lines there is a rule, in the 100 - 200 nm ultraviolet ray has the largest absorption, uv actually is absorbed on the cellular genetic material or DNA, it plays a allochromatic, ultraviolet photons energy absorbed by the base pairs of DNA, cause mutation genetic material, make the bacteria died or cannot reproduce, achieve the purpose of sterilization. Aquatic farms or aquarium is often faced with the following two questions: one is the water with algae gradually; The second is the parasites cause fish diseases in the water. Analysis of the above two problems, the general water often grows many kinds of planktonic algae, bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa that cause eutrophication of water bodies and metamorphism, affect fish and other aquatic animals' health and growth. Usually in aquatic farming and the aquarium appear such circumstance, and will take corresponding measures, and ultraviolet germicidal lamp is against bacteria and viruses get effective governance. No ozone efficient uv germicidal lamp TUV30W, the output of 253. 7 nm ultraviolet ray can effectively kill the harmful bacteria in the water, bacteria and algae, and keep the water clear and transparent, provides the ideal aquatic environment for aquatic animals, very suitable for koi higher fish farming, etc. Uv aquarium germicidal lamp in aquatic farming and the use of the aquarium UVC band is helpful to remove the new fish parasite, the parasite can sometimes bring disastrous consequences. UVC output by the band also to remove suspended zoospore, inhibit reproduction, to keep the water in a relatively short period of time inside the parasites. Even fish infected bacteria pathological symptoms were disappeared.
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