Ultraviolet germicidal lamp has a very high ability of disinfection

by:Tepro     2020-06-25
The disinfectant used in water treatment industry, is a kind of inevitable choice, main disinfection equipment is currently used ultraviolet germicidal lamp, not long life but also has high performance, the use of ultraviolet radiation in the field of water treatment equipment open the broader market, this kind of ultraviolet disinfection equipment can also be oxidation of organic matter in the water, the biggest advantage is that the process need not add any toxic substances. In addition to the application in the field of drinking water disinfection, can also be applied to the use of pure water disinfection process of cosmetics industry. After a series of special design processing, can significantly reduce the water content of THMs. The application of ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the most attractive is processed without the presence of free chlorine water. Using traditional ultraviolet low-pressure lamp, must be conducted under the condition of low energy can realize, ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the circulation flow rate is as high as seventy cubic meters per hour under the condition of use, than the same type of disinfection disinfection equipment capacity increased one hundred times. With the powerful energy reserves, the device can make the combination of chlorine in the water content is reduced greatly. At the same time, the microorganisms in the water is removed a lot of, to make sure that the aseptic disinfection. After a long period of time after disinfection, the pipeline in the equipment will nourish a large number of microorganisms, so the general equipment cannot be this kind of ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp to replace, but if use this kind of disinfection method, can significantly reduce the negative effect of the use of chlorine disinfection. Biggest advantage is to don't need an additional chemical agents, not nourish the microbes, and won't produce unpleasant smell, the biggest advantage is the price is very high.
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