Ultraviolet germicidal lamp for the sake of your health

by:Tepro     2020-07-11

1, the toilet and the room is the place where the most easy to breed bacteria, especially some unventilated bathroom and storage, and articles in the air everywhere on the breeding ground for bacteria, virus, leading to frequent virus sex cold, diarrhea, skin pruritus, etc. , these condition by more than 85% due to bacterial infection.

2, the bedroom is the place where most people contact, are parts of the body touch directly. Need to regular cleaning and disinfection.

3, bedding bag and clothes, Off-season clothes) Long-term exposure, washing, easy breeding ground for all kinds of viruses. Change garments according to the clothes to wear every time before the first use uv light sterilizer sterilization lamp, all register kill germs, then wear.

4, kitchen sterilization, raw vegetables, meat food contains a lot of parasites, viruses, after each time the food cooking, must be disinfection sterilization. Otherwise, the parasites will hurt your health through various means. It is recommended that you use uv lamp once a week, or after a meal the sterilization time, keep your kitchen always healthy and clean.

5, a reptile in the home, must be disinfection sterilization after hunting. Because of the virus on the carcass on dozens of one hundred times more than the activity of animal viruses. In the disinfection sterilization, the best combination of disinfectant with ultraviolet lamp, such effect is best!

if, for a long time didn't live in the home, or before you live in the new house needs to be disinfected, in order to make sure your good health!

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