Ultraviolet germicidal lamp five-point advantage is introduced

by:Tepro     2020-04-05
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp has a very large work efficiency, this kind of ultraviolet ray has many advantages, generally have the following points. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp advantage to introduce 1 sterilization efficiency is very high sterilization efficiency can be as high as 99% 99. 99%. 2 has broad spectrum uv method can effectively will be to kill bacteria. 3 uv sterilizer for water quality does not have any effect will not cause any damage on the surrounding environment. Safe and reliable operation of the running cost is only 4 uv sterilizer for nearly half of the chlorine disinfection. 5 run low maintenance fees will not cause secondary pollution on the surrounding environment. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp in some industries such as aquaculture and food industry, don't need chemical disinfectant for long-term maintenance, if use chemicals can cause aquatic organisms die, there will be a lot of peculiar smell. In the fermentation was carried out on the water, for example, and then developed can be used after disinfection of water species, but this kind of continuous disinfection effect is not good, if use ultraviolet germicidal lamp must not create any residue in the circulating water device, but also have a negative impact, if often use chlorine disinfection can cause equipment corrosion problems, including a swimming pool, etc. After ultraviolet germicidal lamp sewage range is very wide, also can realize sewage recycling, using uv sterilizer after the processing of raw water can be used for irrigation of farmland and woodland and lawn, etc. But must take care to avoid injury, chemical disinfectant for plants to reduce this part of the sewage emission, so as not to affect the quality of ground water.
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