Ultraviolet germicidal lamp application in food industry

by:Tepro     2020-04-14
Food industrial water sterilization methods are basically around two methods including fungicide and ultraviolet germicidal lamp heat sterilization method, then sterilization is the most important methods is ultraviolet ZhaoSheFa, using each method has advantages and disadvantages, in be used actually must be adopted according to the nature and scope of each method is the most appropriate method. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp application A, food, industrial water treatment used by application of ozone in the process of water quality must meet drinking water standards, generally some must demands in the concentration range, the most special cases is sometimes require the use of sterile water, because of the food industry eventually finished product types and scale of the factory is different, so each kind of situation is also various. But still need to take into consideration of the overall economic performance and the overall maintainability, so, in the final stage with 0. 22 um or 0. 45 um membrane filter ( MF) , it is possible to achieve practical and sterilization. One of the most used is the ozone is a strong oxidizer. Ozone treatment is also used this kind of oxidant, reaction through its ability to decompose, including inorganic oxide and organic matter oxidation reaction, inorganic oxide method includes all kinds of iron and manganese removal, decomposition of organic metal compounds, remove harmful substances. Of organic matter are included in the decolorization of material and reduce the bad smell, sometimes also can have the effect of sterilization and poison cases of activation. Second, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp application scope the best application range is 3000 ~ 50000 tons/day of middle and small scale wastewater treatment plant effluent disinfection, ultraviolet germicidal lamp single module number of tubes, flexible design, civil disinfection channel structure size moderate, run all-weather outdoor equipment installation, no need embedded parts, the rapid expansion bolt is fixed, installation is convenient.
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