Ultraviolet disinfection technology applied in wastewater treatment industry

by:Tepro     2020-05-06
Ultraviolet disinfection technology in China in view of the application of sewage treatment industry, haven't a proper size, so to speak. The technology is not widely used in water treatment industry, some people saw the opportunity for this; Some people see the challenges, what you see is? Wastewater treatment field in our country of the principle of application of ultraviolet germicidal lamp is bigger, a lot of substandard project case, uv sterilizer defects, sewage plant design is unreasonable, improper management and uv sterilizer disorderly market competition, are all important factors lead to the emergence of the situation; To reverse this, from the sewage plant design and disinfector upgrade aspects to improve. Ultraviolet disinfection technology application status in the field of wastewater treatment is not optimistic. Ultraviolet disinfection international technical seminar to our drinking water and wastewater industry provides a platform of communication, the conference to promote scientific application of in domestic water supply and drainage industry has made a positive contribution, only through the joint efforts of enterprises and research institutions can make application in China's water industry faster and better development. Ultraviolet disinfection water industry application in China, the opportunities and challenges coexist. Kill the antibiotic resistant bacteria harmful genes of plasmid is the key to inhibit the bacteria to human health risk. Improve disinfection method to control the generation of toxic by-products, is one of the focus of future water purification technology. At present many countries and districts of waterworks have use ultraviolet collocation of chlorine disinfection disinfection methods, domestic water industry for the research and application of ultraviolet disinfection situation is gradually improving. Traditional microbial indicators of chlorine disinfection can not satisfy the standard of drinking water, also can produce carcinogenic disinfection by-products, ultraviolet disinfection microorganisms inactivated; Can better inhibit microbial genetic toxicity, uv collocation chloramine and other disinfection way more obvious advantages in the field of water supply, disinfection effect is good, not only can ensure the stability of water quality. Ultraviolet disinfection technology in our country, the necessity of the application field of drinking water disinfection.
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