Ultraviolet disinfection lamps are currently standing disinfection tools in the home

by:Tepro     2021-05-01
Ultraviolet disinfection lamps are currently standing disinfection tools in the home. The outbreak of the new crown virus has been more than half a year, and its wide range of influence and rapid spread have shocked the world. People have bought disinfection uv water purifier equipment to carry out disinfection at home, the most common is the household UVC uv lamp. Ultraviolet light uses physical means to kill dangerous viruses that may exist in the home. It is more environmentally friendly than using traditional disinfectant to disinfect and can avoid secondary pollution. There are many forms and flexible ways of using UVC for home use. Individuals can purchase different forms of UVC disinfection lamps according to their use occasions and disinfection areas. Let's take a look at the safety of household forms and the use of UV disinfection lamps. The form of household UVC disinfection lamp The common forms of household UVC are ultraviolet desktop lamps, handheld or portable magnetic absorption and other forms. Households use the UV-C range (or wavelengths between 200nm and 280nm) to inactivate coronaviruses and other microorganisms, such as molds, spores, and yeasts. The UV disinfection desk lamp can be installed on a table or flat surface and used as a permanent disinfection area for personal uv water purifier equipment (including keys, phones, laptops, cards, wallets, etc.). The handheld type has similar uses and advantages, and is more widely used than the desktop type UV lamp. The use areas include: blankets, counters, sofas, doors, floors, etc. Ultraviolet lamps can also play a role in purifying the air. For example, it is used for air sterilization and disinfection in HVAC systems and residential areas. For more articles, please follow tnuvir.com
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