Ultraviolet disinfection lamp quickly

by:Tepro     2020-07-04

uv lamp to virus sterilization speed:

kill object name seconds ( S) * destroy object name seconds ( S) * Bacteria Bacteria carbon maggots coli Bacillus Anthracis0. 3 Mould spore Mould Spores Aspergillus Niger Aspergillus Niger0. 3 - 0. 7 tetanus bacillus Clostridium Tetani0. Three Mucor Mucor Mucedo4. 6 Dysentery bacillus Dysentery Bacilli1. 5 Penicillium Penicillium Roqueforti0. 9 - 3. 0 e. coli Escherichia Coli0. Water Algae Algae Blue green Algae Blue - 4 绿色Algae10 - Staphylococcus 40 genera Staphylococcus Albus1. Line 3 eggs Nematode Eggs3. 4 n/med tuberculosis bacili Micrococcus Candidus0. 4 Green algae Green Algae1. 2 Virus Virus get addicted to bacteria cell Bacteiophage0. 2 protozoa Protozoa4. 0 - 6. 7 Influenza0 influenza virus. 3 fish disease leukoderma 2. 7 Poliovirus Poliovirus 10. 8 4 Virus0 Hepatits B hepatitis B virus infectious pancreatic necrosis. 8 viral hemorrhagic disease 1. 6

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